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Before you go see this movie, you should ask yourself a very important question: Do I like Baz Luhrmann? No idea who he is? Look him up. You might have seen one of his other films. If you like him and his style of movies, then go see this film. It’ll knock you down flat. Hate him? Don’t go see it. You won’t like it.

Luhrmann has a very particular style of film-making, which either you LOVE or you HATE. Which I think is the reason for the mixed reviews.

I personally like his movies, and the over-the-top-ness really suits Gatsby himself. I also thought that it was perfectly cast, and the actors really had a firm grasp on the characters they were playing, what they represented, and their motives. I thought it was very well done.


The Great Gatsby himself Leonardo DiCaprio…. is such a good actor. Okay, sure, the accent was so Django Unchained, but it was still an awesomely amazing performance by DiCaprio. I know he has deserved an Oscar, long before this movie, but in all seriousness, if people didn’t agree he deserved one, they should totally agree now.

The music…don’t even get me started. The music was phenomenal. But Baz Lurhrmann always has great taste in Music. The fusion of classic hip hop and 20s-style jazz was perfect and I’ve had the soundtrack on repeat ever since I got home. Lana del Rey’s “young and beautiful”

One of the most visually interesting movies I’ve seen and wished I saw it up close and in 3D, but I wouldn’t say that the movie itself was great. Leo was the perfect Gatsby, but Tobey did not quite fit his role. Not as good as Moulin Rouge. But have a good night out and enjoy the glitz and glamour. 7/10

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