The Coronavirus has Sparked Business Tech

The outbreak of the Coronavirus has forced so many companies to consider and adopt tools such as remote collaboration. They have also been forced to reconsider some of the benefits of this kind of technology as well. This is all being done in an effort to avert business disruption that has been largely caused by the Coronavirus outbreak. Let’s take a look at how it has sparked a new age for business technology and what that could mean for the future.

The Projects

Mark Trumpbour who is the VP of DevOps at the ServiceChannel Inc company has stated that the company are now speeding up the deployment of their text notification service. This gives employees the chance to confirm that they have received alerts that relate to office closures. Entrepreneurs like Tej Kohli have invested millions in technology so far, in an attempt to move the industry forward. This has worked wonders for the entire tech scene, but at the end of the day, the Coronavirus outbreak looks to be moving things along even more so.


AppNeta Inc who are a maker of network monitoring tools have stated that they are also now spending way more on initiatives that include remote conferencing software. This is after they earmarked expenses as being long-term projects. The company are also trying to make sure that the servers that they have are strong enough to try and sustain remote work for far more employees than normal. They are doing everything they can to try and predict what the future of business is going to look like, and they are also trying to make sure that their performance is on-point.

Boston Headquarters

The Boston HQ is sparsely populated because of the remote work that is happening right now and Mr. Stevens has also stated that the company have had to beef up their cybersecurity and physical security too. The costs of moving these projects up has been monumental. The company are not asking people to work from home, but they are giving each worker the option if they want. AppNeta have also hired an employee who is from the Pacific Northwest without giving them an interview in-person. This is the first time the company have done this, but they have stated that they cannot be too cautious right now.

Sue Workman who is the chief of the Case Western Reserve campus in Cleveland has stated that the school are doing everything they can to install their own remote working system. This gives students the chance to take tests out of the classroom. She stated that the goal is to try and have the system in place in the event that the class has to close because of the Coronavirus. Only time will tell what is going to happen in the future but right now it looks like more needs to be done in order to try and make sure that the right measures are being put in place.

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