The 39 Steps at Lyric Theatre

The 39 Steps

Bruiser Theatre Company and the Lyric Theatre are proud to present a new production of John Buchan and Alfred Hitchcock’s classic spy thriller, The 39 Steps, brilliantly and hilariously recreated for the stage as the smash hit Olivier Award Winning Comedy.

Tickets | £10 – £24.50

15% Discount | Before Dec 21

Weekend Front Row Tickets £10 | Before Dec 21

Gasp in astonishment at the breathtaking adventures of our dashing hero Richard Hannay as he grapples with dastardly murderers, double-crossing secret agents and devastatingly beautiful women. Whoop with delight as he narrowly escapes from a succession of hair-raising escapades.  And hoot with laughter as he and his fellow characters deliver some of the funniest one-liners you’ll hear on stage all year.

Featuring four fearless actors playing no fewer than 139 roles, The 39 Steps comes to the Lyric Theatre following an incredible nine-year run in London’s West End.

60 Front Row tickets are available every Friday and Saturday night and for week-end matinees for just £10 when booked before Dec 21.

15% discount available on all other tickets (excluding concessions) when booked before Dec 21.



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