Ten things you need to know about OhhSocial


 Northern Ireland’s newest smart phone app like to keep things as simple as possible. OhhSocial’s focus is on helping you get the most out of Northern Ireland’s buzzing social scene as quickly and easily as possible. Take a look at these ten simple things you need to know about OhhSocial and get ready to live a little more, spend a lot less.


  1. Get smart

OhhSocial is a new smart phone app available to download on iTunes & Google Play.


  1. Buy one get one free and more

We have more than 150 exclusive buy-one-get-one-free offers from partners in four categories: Wine & Dine, Health & Beauty, Leisure & Activities and Kids Activities.


  1. All for just £19

All OhhSocial offers are available to redeem once, under one paid for subscription of only £19


  1. Redeem the value immediately  

Many of OhhSocial’s offers are valued at over £19 – so you can save the equivalent or more than your subscription fee by redeeming one offer!


  1. Save thousands a year

Collectively OhhSocial’s offers are valued at over £2,000.


  1. Constantly updated offers

OhhSocial is adding new offers every week, which will be available to you under your subscription.


  1. Find an offer wherever you go

The GPS system on the OhhSocial App will bring up the offers closest to your current location.


  1. Share with friends and family

Your OhhSocial subscription can be used on two devices (i.e purchase one subscription and share the app with a family member or friend)


  1. Click once and enjoy


Our OhhSocial offers are just the press of a button away and each offer can be redeemed once between now and the 30th December 2016.


  1. Try three

Each OhhSocial partner offers three exclusive offers and one offer can be redeemed per venue, per day.


 Live a little more. Spend a lot less.