Belfast based Corvus Recruitment recently reached out to the Tech community in NI to see how people are being affected by the pandemic. 155 people, who work in the industry, were asked how their jobs have been affected and how they expect the ‘new normal’ to look in the weeks and months ahead.

The survey features in the Corvus Recruitment blog, which has been helping businesses adapt to remote working to ensure they can still work effectively throughout the pandemic lockdown.  Key findings of the survey include:

  • 88% of Tech professionals who completed the survey were working from home
  • 7% of participants were furloughed, 1% were made redundant
  • 65% noticed no difference in their workload, while 27% have seen an increase in their workload
  • 63% feel that they have job security for the remainder of the lock-down
  • 61% expect their employers may introduce more home working opportunities in the future while 24% expect their work habits to go back to normal
  • 53% expect lockdown to last until June, 29% until August, 9% expect lock-down to last longer than 4 months


Ian Weatherup from Corvus Recruitment said:

“We wanted to take the opportunity to get a sense of how the Tech industry was adapting to the pandemic as well as get a sense of what the future potentially holds for the industry during these uncertain times. Over the past few weeks, we have spoken to several companies and employees and the overall feedback has been largely positive. After the initial upheaval of moving to work from home it seems largely business as usual with participants expressing that they are supported by their employers – which is very encouraging to see. Interestingly 27% of people have found that their workload has increased over the past few weeks which could be to with a few factors from taking on colleagues work due to furlough or increased in demand for their client’s work.”

Ian added:

“The market for recruiting Tech talent is extremely competitive. Whilst the pandemic has created a landscape of anxiety and uncertainty for all industries, forward thinking companies continue to build their tech talent pipelines as it can take months to recreate them if efforts are completely shutdown.”

For further information on Corvus Recruitment or to view the full survey on the Corvus Recruitment blog visit

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