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It was announced today that over 250,000 homes and businesses in Northern Ireland are now connected to superfast fibre broadband and enjoying the benefits of having access to high speed internet.

The Milner family from Antrim were the 250,000th customer to get connected to the service, which now allows them to receive download speeds of up to 80Mbps and upload speeds of up to 20Mbps – the equivalent of downloading a feature length HD movie in approximately two minutes.

Coinciding with today’s announcement, a new campaign called ‘Life’s Easier with Superfast’ has been launched to raise awareness of the benefits of superfast fibre broadband and to encourage all those who can avail of it, to upgrade to the service. This Superfast NI initiative represents all communication providers and is managed by BT, who is leading this latest campaign.

Commenting on the benefits that fibre broadband has brought to her family, Briege Milner said: “As I am sure is the case for most families in Northern Ireland, having access to broadband is a necessity for both my children and I. We have several people all under one roof who want to use devices, from phones and TVs to tablets and game consoles, all at the same time, so a fast and reliable service is essential.”

She continued, “Having superfast fibre broadband has helped to make life easier, leaving everyone in our house free to do what they want online, all at once. We can now watch our favourite shows in better quality, download music tracks in seconds or finish work or school projects in record time. More importantly, it means we can easily contact my daughter Lara, as she is currently travelling and performing with Lord of the Dance, and we don’t have to worry about encountering frustrating delays or buffering.”

Frank McManus, head of wholesale sales and services at BT said:“We’re delighted to have reached our latest milestone and to have over 250,000 customers connected to superfast, enabling even more homes and businesses to avail of improved broadband speeds. For many families, homeowners and business in Northern Ireland, having access to broadband is essential and plays a vital role in all of our daily lives. As Ms Milner’s comments show, fibre broadband really does make life easier and there are huge benefits to be gained by signing up for superfast. I would encourage everyone to check if they can avail of the service, which can easily be done by visiting”.

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