Honorable Storm International Gambling Holding has been working in the gaming industry for more than 25 years and successfully develops various projects in several countries. At the moment, the company owns a network of respectable slot halls in Germany – Storm Casino, a network of VIP casinos Shangri La in the post-Soviet countries and is developing slot halls in Ghana.

The brand history is full of bright moments. So, the first casino opened in Moscow back in the 90s. The founder of Storm International is Michael Boettcher, an Englishman who devoted his life to the gaming industry, worked in dozens of countries and studied the features of organizing gambling complexes from A to Z. Darren Keane is the Storm International managing director for many years. The holding has a very strong management team, which is constantly working to ensure that guests feel really comfortable in the company’s units and have a good rest. Over the years, a unique strategy has been developed, it guarantees fair play, instant payment of prize money and full security of guests.

One Shangri La casino in Moscow eventually gave rise to the network. When Russia legislation changed, the Moscow unit was closed. But casinos in Yerevan, which opened in 2008, as well as in Minsk in 2009, replaced it. A little later, in 2012, Shangri La Tbilisi opened, and in 2017 – SL Casino in Riga. All complexes are the best or among the best in their countries.

Storm International Promotes Shangri La Network in Four Countries

Shangri La Yerevan, which is located just beyond the capital’s borders – champion in the number of guests and profits growth. In recent years, almost doubled the visitors number. This is due to the growing number of international flights and proximity to the Middle East countries, where there are no casinos. The brand reputation and the exquisite places design are exactly what attracts respectable guests who are looking for an interesting holiday. Up to 80% of all visitors are foreigners. Naturally, the staff speaks several languages so that guests do not feel embarrassed because of the language barrier.

Shangri La Tbilisi is a pearl in the city heart, located next to a modern landmarks, the Bridge of Peace and Rike Park. The Bridge of Peace goes directly to the casino territory, and in the evening both buildings form a single complex with original lighting. Inside, all the conditions for an interesting game, all kinds of entertainment: dozens of slots, roulette, poker, blackjack, punto banko. The restaurant with the original cuisine offers delicious dishes and emphasizes the respectability of the place. By the way, the unit is officially the best casino in Tbilisi and the owner of several Golden Brand awards.

Shangri La Minsk is a direct first Moscow casino descendant, it was here that permanent Moscow players went, because flight from Moscow to Minsk is only one-hour long. The spacious complex is located in the city center, has a luxurious interior design, which is so popular with good rest lovers. This is officially the best casino in Minsk for 6 years in a row. In recent years, the institution has won the “Choice of the Year” award.

Shangri La Riga is the youngest casino that has been operating for less than two years. It is located in the unique hotel complex Kempinski building. This is one of the few institutions in Riga that operates in the VIP niche and fully meets the new stringent requirements for casinos.

In all Shangri La units design can be traced the overall style. Each complex has a VIP club X. O. where you can play with higher stakes. All Shangri La hold prize draws and have a bonus points system that allows to make more bets for the same money. In order to fully enjoy all the benefits of gambling, you can order Junket tour in any of the units. Luxury vacation guaranteed!

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