Simple Exercises To Help You Stay Fit While You’re At Home

Being fit is not just about hitting the gym, running, biking, or simply taking a fancy diet. It needs consistency regardless wherever you are. Embrace the idea of being active even when you’re at home. In reality, some people can’t manage their busy schedules, hence, they miss out several times from gym sessions. Fitness should be part of your lifestyle so it doesn’t matter if you can see different equipment or not. Once it is included in your routines, you can stay fit and healthy anytime, anywhere. In this writing, let’s discuss some of the simple home workouts that are beneficial and effective.


Before engaging your body to different workout routines, and targeting different muscle groups, it’s important to have a warm-up first. It’s activating your body to move, awakening muscles and joints which also help to reduce injuries. Fitness experts in highlighted that ignoring the importance of warm-up is one of the reasons why a person can’t lose weight. Skipping this part reduces the effectiveness of your main workout.


  • Windmill Exercise


For beginners, opt for movements with no jumping required to avoid catching the breath and make you think not to do it again. Windmill exercise might look very simple, but this is good in building stability, core-strength, working out the hamstrings and glutes. Several variations include weights, but if you’re a starter, master the simplest move first. Stand with your feet wide apart, chest out, and toes facing forward. Extend your arms in your side parallel to your shoulders and bend your right arm to reach your left foot but avoid bending your knees too much. As your left arm is pointing towards the sky, twist your body a little while engaging your core. Raise your body and use your left arm to reach the right foot. Do it simultaneously with your desired reps. You can feel the stretch in your hamstring, core, and back as you go along.


  • Jumping Jacks


This exercise can be done anywhere in your home and it’s an excellent full-body warm-up. Put your shoulder blades back, extend your arms up as you jump. Concentrate on each movement, the more you move faster, the higher the calories you’ll burn. Try to do 50 reps or higher counts as possible depending on your strength.


  • Mountain Climber


This is one of the advanced exercises which increases your heart rate immediately, that’s why it’s one of the best cardio workouts. Of course, beginners can execute this at a moderate pace. Start in a traditional plank position and ensure your back is flat and butt is down. Bring your knee to your elbow and do it simultaneously until you keep up with the pace until it feels like you are running in place while in a plank position. Your entire body can feel the burning process especially your core, legs, and arms.

Fit at Home

Resistance Training

It’s also known as strength training. If you do it consistently, your muscles become stronger. This must be included in your routines for muscle development which is a huge factor in weight loss.Resistance training normally involves weights like dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, and weight machines. However, this can be done also by simply using body weights and just increasing its repetition.


  • Bodyweight Squat


It is highly a functional movement to work out the lower muscles of the body. This can be performed anywhere with limited space. It increases strength, improved hip mobility, and a great workout for fat burn. The more you execute controlled reps and succession, the higher fat-burning as your heart rate elevates.


  • Stationary Lunges


This workout targets a different muscle group all at once. It includes your hips, butt, hamstrings, and quadriceps in your thighs. Stand with your feet hip-distance apart and take a large step backward with one foot. Lower back your knees to a 90-degree angle then press up. Repeat simultaneously with 10-12 reps for each leg. You can do this workout without weights.


  • Commandos


It is an excellent compound exercise targeting your arms, shoulders, chest, back, and core. If you’re a starter, try the modified executions first to avoid injury. To start this exercise, go to a plank position. Release your forearm and place your right hand firmly on the floor and do it alternately with your left hand. Don’t forget to tighten your core muscles as you go along.


  • Plank


Core strength exercises can be done on a carpeted floor or mat. Plank workouts have several variations to choose from targeting different abdominal areas. It’s excellent to improve body posture and boost confidence. As a beginner, you can also modify the execution and start for 20-30 seconds as your target time.

Staying at home in this pandemic crisis is clearly not a hindrance to be fit and healthy. You just have to start moving with the right mindset. You will never run out of home exercises to choose from, all you need is your consistency and commitment as you go along.

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