Starburst Slot: One of the best slot games

Starburst is the record breaking online slots game from NetEnt and despite being released almost a decade ago, it’s still topping most-played slots charts to this day. What’s the secret to one of the most successful online fruit machine games out there?

Starburst boasts unique features that set it apart from its competition but its popularity is due to the fact it does everything well, and nothing particularly badly. From the multiple win-line and re-spin gameplay features to its stunning graphics and even its addictive futuristic soundtrack, it’s a game where players find themselves returning to time and time again.

The Starburst theme has an aesthetic that borrows heavily from the seminal 2001 flash game, Bejeweled from PopCap, which went on to see huge success in Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. The goal of the game and gameplay is also reminiscent, in that the object of the game is for players to connect chains of different coloured gems on a cosmic backdrop.

Starburst is a five reel video slot game, featuring five different coloured gem symbols, of increasing value, plus a 7s symbol and the ‘Bar’ jackpot icon. There is also a wild symbol in the form of a multicoloured eight-pointed star gem which stands in for any other symbol and triggers a re-spin.

Players can choose up to ten fixed win-lines, referred to as levels, and also the value of their bet—the levels act as a bet multiplier. Win-lines or pay-lines are predetermined lines which three or more neighbouring symbols can land on to activate a win. The win-lines in Starburst run horizontally in a straight line, diagonally and others change direction several times across the board.

One of the attractive features of Starburst is that wins can be made in both directions, starting from the left or from the right. This doubles potential winning spins and means players don’t have to wait long to see some action.

Starburst Slot is bringing a more face-paced and aesthetic gaming style for slot lovers.


What do the symbols mean?

The symbols or spheres have the following values for achieving a chain of three to five in a row.

  • Purple and blue gems are the lowest value

3 in a row: 5

4 in a row: 10

5 in a row: 25

  • Red gems

3 in a row: 7

4 in a row: 15

5 in a row: 40


  • Green gems

3 in a row: 8

4 in a row: 20

5 in a row: 50


  • Yellow gems are the most highly valued of the gems

3 in a row: 10

4 in a row: 25

5 in a row: 60


  • 7s

3 in a row: 25

4 in a row: 60

5 in a row: 120


  • The Bar symbol is the highest value and the equivalent of the jackpot

3 in a row: 50

4 in a row: 200

5 in a row: 250

The wild symbol is where things get really exciting. As soon as one lands in view, all symbols on that reel will transform into wild symbols and any winning lines as a result will be paid out. But that’s not all, the tension in the music picks up and players are then rewarded with an automatic re-spin of all reels besides the wild reel.

The subsequent wins are also paid out and if a further wild symbol appears, yet another re-spin is awarded, up to a maximum of three times. With three wild reels in play, you’re all but guaranteed a big win.

After playing for a while, we noticed the reels tend to contain predominantly the same symbol, this means if you do win, you’re likely to achieve several combos and win big, especially if you have multiple win-lines activated.

You can choose to play with as little as 10p per spin up to as much as £100—with all win-lines/levels activated and a maximum stake selected. Because winning lines are calculated from both directions, if you were to fill the screen with Bars, you wouldn’t only win 250x your stake, the win would also be calculated from the opposite side so the payout would be 500x your stake.

Multiply this by the maximum number of ten win-lines and Starburst boasts its hefty 5000x jackpot. This multiplier can be achieved for every re-spin which makes the wild symbols significant.

The incentives of choosing Starburst Slot

One of the attractive features of NetEnt slots is the ability to free play—without having any money on the line—before committing to placing a bet. This means players are able to become proficient in the game, understand the mechanics and experience the potential payouts ahead of playing for real, and are therefore more likely to feel in control of their experience—and maybe also more likely to win!

Starburst’s track record is testament to how good it is. Its innovation has set it apart from rival video slot machines with lower payouts and less immersive gameplay. The stats speak for themselves. It has a hit frequency of 22.65% due in part to the two win directions, and also a formidable return to player (RTP) rate of 96.09%.

Existing in the digital domain has increased the social aspect of the game, with players able to compare performances in forums and the accompanying chatrooms of online casinos. It makes for an exciting experience to know competition is high and there are thousands of other gamers playing the same title.

Online chat forums are made available for players to exchange playing techniques for greater chances to win.

Starburst ranks among the most popular video slots games out there and has achieved a cult-like status in the community. Playing more like a hit video game than a fruit machine, it’s clear to see why it has amassed so many fans. We’re keen to see if NetEnt will develop anything that can outdo it.

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