Sports To Play If You Are Stuck At Home

If you are rattling around the house without anything to occupy your time, boredom can become a millstone around your neck.

One of the best ways to escape this is to play a sport, and even if you do not have a lot of space available there are still games that will stretch your body and your mind.

Here are just a few options to consider getting into this year, whether you are stuck at home or out and about.


Squash is the ideal sport for playing at home, especially if you only have a limited amount of outdoor space, or even an indoor area that can be converted for the purposes.

The added advantage is that you only need a racket and a ball to get started, as well as a wall to bounce the latter off. While proper squash courts feature four walls, one will do for home play, and whether you play solo or have someone else to join you, hours of energy-burning fun can be had.


Want to test your aim with one of the oldest sports around? Archery is surprisingly well suited to being enjoyed at home, so long as you are happy to cover the initial costs of acquiring the right kit and make use of it in a safe way.

Archery is also surprisingly good as a workout, as the amount of power you need to draw the bow should be enough to build your upper body muscles. Just remember to add in some cardio alongside this for a well-rounded exercise routine.

Online sports games

If the weather prevents you from getting outside, you may prefer to play an online sports game.

Because many of these games are typically compatible with smartphones, you do not need to splash out on any additional expensive hardware to play them, which is cost-effective as well as convenient.

The mobile edition of FIFA is perfect for those looking for a more realistic, fully licensed experience, coming close to matching it’s console equivalents in terms of gameplay and depth. There are also tons of free browser-powered sports games, including Online Soccer Manager, Hattrick and Grand Prix Racing Online to help you get your sporting fix at home.

In addition, if you are over the age of 18, then playing sports-inspired slot games at a UK online casino may be an attractive way to burn some time. There are plenty of sports themed slots to consider, ranging from the football-based 11 Champions to the hoop-slinging Basketball Star, so whatever your game of choice you can recreate the action and magic from the comfort of your home.


Widely recognised as being a sport rather than a mere board game, chess is a strategically intricate and mentally stimulating pastime to pick up. And while it relies on 2 players being available, this is not a problem so long as you have an internet connection available and do not mind playing digitally rather than using physical pieces.

You could even go more old-school and start up a long distance chess game with a friend or family member by both setting up a board at home, then using a messaging service to send one another the moves you want to make, recreating the kind of experience that used to be handled via snail mail in bygone eras.


Hugely popular across most of the country, darts is another sport that is well suited to playing at home; just remember to position the board on a wall that you do not mind being peppered with small holes made by errant sharp-tipped missiles.

Darts is great for older children as well as adults, and there are so many fun variants of different games to try out that you will always have new and interesting ways to play, regardless of your level of proficiency.

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