South African Satellite Imagery Company Acquired by Max Polyakov

Dragonfly Aerospace from South Africa has recently been acquired by Max Polyakov, the international investor and successful entrepreneur. The acquisition was completed after he bought the majority stake in the space company known for more than two decades of manufacturing high-performance imaging equipment and satellites.

Max Polyakov is a well-known entrepreneur and space enthusiast. He is also the managing partner at Noosphere Ventures Investment fund, focused on developing space technologies and easing access to space to benefit humanity.

This acquisition has cemented Dragonfly’s status as a critical component of the vertically integrated space ecosystem currently being built by Polyakov. Under the banner of his investment firm, Noosphere Ventures, Polyakov has also included his other companies like SETS (electric thruster systems for spacecraft), EOS Data Analytics (space imagery processing), and Firefly Aerospace (affordable space launch provider) in his empire.

About Dragonfly Aerospace

Dragonfly Aerospace was formed by a team of five satellite engineers in South Africa. This team was led by Bryan Dean, an international high-resolution camera and microsatellite specialist. The high-performing imaging payloads made the company famous and a trusted partner for imaging technology developers. Only recently, Dragonfly Aerospace has signed a deal with EOSDA, one of the companies in the Noosphere portfolio, to provide two large imagers for the latter’s satellites. The imaging technology will be used on EOSDA’s agriculture-focused satellites, and the data will be collected to address global issues like environmental threats, land degradation, and climate change.

Bryan Dean mentions that he and his team are happy to be a part of the space ecosystem that Max Polyakov is putting together. The South African company rose in 2020 from Space Commercial Services to start a new chapter in the proud country’s satellite missions and space engineering history. The company has grown to supply a global clientele with renowned names like Pixxel, Loft Orbital, and NanoAvionics. Dragonfly Aerospace has already captured the market in Europe. With the latest acquisition, it hopes to expand its activity to the US space market.

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