SMS Vs. MMS Marketing: Which One Is More Suitable For Your Business?

This article will tell you how SMS and MMS marketing differ, and how you use them so that you can establish which is most beneficial for your business. MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service, while SMS stands for Short Message Service. They can both be very effectively employed to reach customers and clients, but it’s crucial that you use the right one.

MMS Marketing

MMS marketing is a variant of SMS marketing. It uses the same technology, but instead of sending a message, you send multimedia content, which can be videos, audio files, GIFs, or pictures. Most phones support MMS messages, and if they don’t, the recipient will receive a message guiding them to a URL that will display the content.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is when you send a personal text message, as opposed to an image. SMS marketing enables you to send bulk messages to your customers or audience very quickly. One of the key differences and main benefits of SMS marketing is that it is much cheaper than MMS marketing. SMS marketing does not require an internet connection and does not take place on iMessage, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp.

Differences Between SMS and MMS


As previously mentioned, MMS messages typically cost much more than an SMS message. Bulk SMS messages are much cheaper than MMS messages because MMS messages transmit more data.


MMS messages can be up to 1,600 characters, while SMS is usually limited to 160 characters. You can, however, find SMS services that offer a larger word count.


SMS can only send media through links attached to a text, while MMS can allow you to embed media into the message.

Which Is Best for Your Business?

Mobile marketing has proven an invaluable resource to marketing professionals and businesses all over the world. Choosing between SMS and MMS can be difficult, especially since both are highly effective. They enable you to connect with your audience directly and remind them you exist, of promotions, or just that you value them as a customer.

  • When choosing between MMS and SMS, you should take the following things into consideration:
  • Your budget should be given a serious thought. SMS marketing is usually cheaper, so if you have budgetary limitations, SMS could be the best option.
  • Are your messages informational or promotional? Promotional messages work with SMS or MMS, while informational messages are best suited to SMS.
  • The length of the messages that you are sending is more restricted with SMS messaging.

When is SMS Marketing Best Used?

If you just need to deliver a quick, punchy message or piece of information to your customers, then SMS marketing is your best option. SMS marketing has a 98% open rate, which is why it is so successful. Your message will almost definitely be read. Here are some of the best ways to use SMS marketing:

Reminders and Confirmations

When you are sending quick reminders or booking/order confirmations, then SMS marketing is your best bet. Booking and order confirmations, as well as reminders, can be very useful to your customers, too.

Security Alerts

If your business’s data has been compromised, then notifying your customers through SMS security alerts is highly recommended. SMS marketing allows you to deal with security issues and notify your customers quickly.

Bill Payments

Sending bill payment reminders to your customers will ensure that they pay back any overdue bills. This is best used by businesses that offer finance or layaway schemes to their customers. SMS payments increase on-time payments by up to 9%.

Parcel Tracking

In today’s world, most shopping is done online. Parcel tracking will be a massive concern to your customers, and so, it should be a concern of yours. You can keep your customers updated with the progress of their parcels and notify them of the courier that their parcel has been given to through SMS messaging.

When is MMS Marketing Best Used?

MMS marketing allows you to improve your messages by adding images, artwork, or videos. The cost of MMS marketing means that it should only be used when absolutely necessary, and in most cases, SMS marketing is the superior option.


According to a recent survey, nearly two-thirds of people prefer to learn about a service, product, or business by watching a video. Sending a quick video to your customers could be a great way to teach them about your business or a new product.

Thank You

Sending thank you cards to your customers on special occasions can also be done by MMS messaging. You can send animated cards or GIFs to them.


If you want to send a photograph of your logo along with information them MMS messaging can also allow you to do this.

For businesses, choosing between SMS and MMS marketing can be difficult. With the information contained on this page, you will be able to make the right decision.

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