Slots with Game Coins or with Money

Slot machines were ‘coin machines’ in the olden days. You simply slot in your coins in the machine and you spin your reels. Today, coin machines have gone out of style but not out of sight. Some people still prefer to play slot games at with coins. Why though? What is the difference between slot games with coins and with money?

Slot Game with Coins VS Slot Game with Money

There are a couple of things that are slot games with coins and slot games with money distinct. The most common is that while the former gives you a traditional feel, the latter gives you a modern feel. Slot games with coins are mostly made to look like the first slot machine, liberty bells.

Don’t doubt that there are people who want to play slot games the way it was played when it first came out. You must have wanted to too when you first heard about slot history. However, these people prefer to play the game always with coins. They must like to do things traditionally. If you are not in this category, the modern slot type will appeal to you more.

Another thing that you might find different is the number of reels. Most slot games that use coins as a currency have 3 reels like the olden slots. Slot games with money mostly have 5 reels. This is not necessarily a hard and fast rule though. A slot game developer might decide to develop a coin slot machine with 6 reels. However, most developers are looking towards giving players a traditional slot type with their coin slot. This must be why many coin slots have three reels.

A very significant difference between both types of slots is the payout. With money slot machines, your winnings are shown on your screen and paid via a platform. But with coin slot machines, your winnings are paid with coins. You can hear the coins or token making jangling sounds as they drop.

You must know already that slot games with coins are played on land-based casinos. You can’t expect to play a slot game online and have somewhere to slot in your coins or tokens. It has to be in a physical location. This must be why these kinds of slots are very rare. People prefer to play slots online these days. With slots that are played with money, however, you can either go to a land-based casino or play the games online. So, you have options with slots played with money.

Which Slot Machine Type is Better?

Slot machines with coins or money do not have anything to do with your winnings. They might only affect the kind of themes you will see and the graphics and look of the game. They also will affect the method you use inputting and receiving money.

Also, online slots make use of virtual coins these days. However, these coins are still converted to money in payouts. So, If you are looking for a slot with better payouts, the volatility and RTPs of slot games should be your focus.

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