Win Free Pints, Pizzas & Plenty of Other Prizes on Pass the Parcel style app, Scattr!

Team Scattr Group

Newly launched app, Scattr, takes you back to your childhood by playing a virtual game of pass the parcel with your favourite local businesses, all on your mobile phone ( ) 

Businesses such as Little Wing Pizzeria, Bullitt Hotel, & YoggieBerrie are sending parcels all over Belfast straight to a users phone with gifts, offers & discounts in tow. 

When you receive their parcel, simply open & ‘unwrap’ a layer of the parcel in the form of a 10 second video for the chance to win a gift. Didn’t win? Don’t worry – you can pass on the chance to win to your friends on the app for them to pass it back for more chances to win! Plus, if you don’t so happen to receive the main gift, there is also ‘Feel Good Freebies’ up for grabs with buy one get one free offers, or special discounts for that particular business.

 One of the best things about the app? It’s completely free to download!

 If you’re a student in Belfast, you may have already seen the team popping up at the universities last month. “We took fresher’s week as our opportunity to launch”. ”Like us, students are from a generation that can’t be without their phones so it seemed the best entry to market” Megan tells us. “We brought along our popcorn machine and hired ice-cream trucks to visit the fresher’s fairs’ as well as placing welcome packs into communal areas within some of the universities”

 The app started off in Derry~Londonderry in October 2016 and is made up of a team of 4; Megan Canavan (23), Liam Strawbridge, (24), Kevin Campbell (21) and Eimear Gillen (24). 

 With names as big as Foyleside Shopping Centre, Bishops Gate Hotel and Derry City FC alongside a list of 90 other businesses; they have in total had over 2000 prize winners, with 683 hours of 10 second ads being watched! 

 Shortlisted for upcoming Digital Entrepreneur Awards for Best Use of Mobile Technology, and featured in Business Clouds 101 Rising Stars of Tech Startups, Scattr is successfully bringing mobile marketing to both small and large businesses.

 To play a game of pass the parcel with Little Wing Pizzeria, Ollies, Dirty Onion, Bullitt Hotel, The National & Sixty6, Escape Rooms, YoggieBerrie and Malone Lodge by clicking Interested in starting off a game as a business; visit to learn more.

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