Save Yourself and Save Us all: Bottled water or Filtered water?

Several unsafe mineral contaminants reside in your drinking water. And that’s regardless of how clean it appears.

Even bottled water is not safe! Yes, it tastes better than tap water. However, bottled water contains worrying health-dangerous substances.

According to an NIH (National Institutes of Health) study, bottles contain a cancer-causing material called DEHA (di-Ethylhexyl adipate).

Though, The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) claims that DEHA is not harmful to human health. But, can you risk it?

Also, the same NIH study on DEHA reports that bottling companies in the United States burn an alarming 18 million barrels of fuel annually. And they do so to meet up with bottled water demands.

One way or the other, bottled water endangers your health! Yet, you must drink water – your body demands it!

So, what can you do?

Get yourself a water filter! And here’s why:

Clean and Good Taste without Contamination

Water filters offer carcinogenic-free water with no consequences. And it does that retaining all the desirable feats of bottled water – clean with a good taste. How?

Ever wondered why your tap water leaves a distinct unpleasant taste on your tongue? Or that odd smell?

Most tap water contains Sulfur compounds. And the foul-smell compounds usually extort a displeasing sensation from your papillae.

Thank the mothers; a water filter has come to save us from all the unpleasant-ness. It sieves out all particles of sulfur (and other contaminants) and brings forth a clear, refreshing, drinkable water.

A quick tip: don’t pour out your filtered water into a plastic bottle. Instead, use a glass container.

Save Your Gorgeous Clothing and Beautiful Skin

Besides sulfur, unfiltered water contains magnesium and traces of chlorine. Magnesium, in particular, causes the hardness of your water. And hard water only forms latter at the expense of your detergent.

Furthermore, hard water destroys the fabrics of your beautiful clothes. It loosens the knits on your cloth and renders such wear useless.

Then, there is chlorine: the double-edged element! It treats water when used in small bits. Yet, it can lead to skin irritations for sensitive skin people.

Good news! Using a filter nullifies the effect of magnesium and chlorine. With a water filter, your clothes last longer, and your skin remains soft-tendered as ever.

Save Your Hard Earned Money

You might be wondering if truly a water filter system saves you money. Let’s verify then!

Let’s do simple math; how many bottles of water do you take daily? Say 3 or 4 tops. And on average, bottled water costs $1.45.

Now multiply $1.45 by 365 (a year supply); you’d get $529.25. Do you know the price range of filter systems?

  • Countertops averagely cost between $50 to $120
  • Reverse Osmosis’ is between $150 and $500
  • The under-sink system attracts a price range of $50 to $400

So, which is more expensive?

Funny enough, you’d still dispose of the bottle of bottled water, add to environmental pollution, and yet pay outrageous fees for the health damages it’ll cost you.


Water filters are better than bottled water. They offer all the good treats of bottled waters at no health-risk to you.

All that’s left to do is learn more about water filter systems! And you can do that at

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