Samsung Galaxy Store Now Accepts Paysafecard Payment


Are you in need of some financial discipline over your funds? Then try the Paysafecard payment solution direct from the Samsung Galaxy Store. This is one of the recent online payment solutions that has caught the attention of many shoppers across different markets. The prepaid online payment method allows you to buy a variety of products from different sellers who acknowledge the payment method. 

The integration of the payment method with Samsung Stores in September 2020 expanded the Paysafe market scope making it a better solution for most online transactions.

Samsung Galaxy Stores Makes Life Easier for Paysafecard Users

Paysafe card users can now transact at a glance from any point they may wish due to the readily available online transaction application that is available in the Samsung Galaxy Stores. This means access to Paysafe services is much easier than before due to the introduction of the mobile solution that offers solutions in a safer and faster manner. You can buy the Paysafecard application from the Samsung Galaxy Stores and use your cash to buy different products across the 21 European countries including Germany, France, Italy and Spain among others.

Other Possible Usages of Paysafecard

The Paysafecard has got many advantages which make it a preferred payment solution to a variety of business forms. The safety and security aspect combined with the ability to offer services in many territories has made it one of the most popular online payment solutions across Europe. The method has been useful in different ways as described below.

Grocery Stores

Most people here do not prefer shopping using cash but instead, prepaid methods work better for most of us. You can as well use the 19-digit Paysafecard PIN to access funds and shop from any point you wish to. 

Most grocery stores can now allow its customers to shop using this exclusive means as it’s easy to use and has been widely accepted by many in the market just like MasterCard that is equally accepted by many traders.


Gambling is among the most popular activities people engage in as part of business others enjoy for fans. The presence of daily Paysafecard bonuses for pokie games has created a real-time solution to most of the gamblers around. Most gamblers require security and confidentiality whirl handling such related transactions. The system which is similar to the prepaid card system requires its users to buy a voucher and use the scratched numbers to transact. 

From there the gambler shall be able to transfer funds from one betting or gambling account to the other or even make a withdrawal after winning a casino game. Paysafe casinos are greatly established in the UK and New Zealand among the top gambling destinations with the system actively helping the residents.

Online Services

Online services are on high demand due to the ever-dynamic nature of the technology. Most companies have embraced online as the right platform to sell products. You can buy and sell products freely using Paysafe on google store. You can as well skype with any partner from anywhere globally be it a customer, a lecturer or even a friend as long as you have the internet connection together with some cash in your Paysafe account. 

The integration of the Samsung Galaxy with Paysafecard will offer great solutions to many as the services will be readily available and funds can be accessed and used in a more simple manner due to the mobile nature of the system.


The advancement in the Paysafecard system will eventually lead to an increased market scope hence filling the huge gap that will help many in meeting their financial needs. Products can now be bought and payments made in a safe manner that does not require physical appearance or the cards. 

Great thanks to the innovators and it’s our prayer that more security measures should be enhanced to ensure that the client’s funds are in safe hands.

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