Financial emergencies can happen anytime. Because it is an emergency, it happens when you least expect it; worse, it happens when you are strapped for cash. Life happens – and we know it. Almost all of us may have been in a financial emergency at point or another. Household damages, car breakdown, being behind on rent and bills and many other such circumstances need immediate financial remedy and could not be put off for another time. At times like these, what immediately comes to mind is how to make money – and fast!


While there are many ways to make money in an emergency, you always need to weigh your options and select the best and safest means to make that money. Depending on the urgency of the need, there are always options you can check out for getting that much needed cash.

Make an Emergency Loan

An emergency personal loan can be one of the immediate solutions when you are out of other resources for cash. Although there are many lending instructions out there or can be found in the internet, only a handful have reasonable requirements, affordable loans and competitive rates. At a time when you need to have money the soonest possible time, you need to look for lending institutions that offer no credit check loans. Credit check at a time of emergency can significantly slow down the loan process, depriving you of the much needed time to pay for that emergency. As long as you are of legal age, you have a US bank account and have a regular income, you can get a chance to avail of a no credit check loan. Always keep in mind to borrow an amount that you can repay reliably.

Sell or Pawn Gold or Silver

The gold or silver that you will be selling here should be your own and should be readily at your possession. So check your drawers, chests and jewelry boxes to see if you have silver or gold that can be sold. If the gold or silver jewelry is a family heirloom, or something of emotional and sentimental value, like your wedding ring, always ask for permission from the involved parties like your family members or spouse before going to the pawn shop or gold dealers. If you are going to pawn an important jewelry, be sure to claim or redeem it.

Sell Clothes and Unused Household Items

Selling pre-loved clothes and useable household items online can also be your quick fix when it comes to emergencies. You first need to have an account with any of the online selling sites like Amazon, eBay, eBid and Bonanza to name a few. Having more than one account can get you to sell items more readily to a wider audience of potential buyers. Just remember to update the status of selling items immediately to avoid misleading customers and affecting your seller status.

Sell Your Future Services

This method works like borrowing, but you pay with your service instead. Call or send a personal message to close friends, neighbors or colleagues and explain to them that you’ll sell your services at a reasonable price if they pay in advance. For example, if a colleague will go on a business trip and will normally pay $50 per day for a pet sitter to take care of his dog, you can offer to cover for the next 5 days for $40 per day, he can pay you $200 now. Other services you can offer to sell in advance include babysitting, house cleaning, yard work or house painting. You never have to repay the cash, but be sure to keep your end of the bargain and do your services efficiently and properly to establish trust.

There are still many more things you can do to get that much-needed money for an emergency. Necessity can also lead to creativity. Don’t be overwhelmed by the emergency situation. Keep calm and know the entire situation. Be focused and get to know how much cost is needed to remedy the situation. Be composed when explaining the situation to people you ask help from. Lastly, think ahead and make sure to have credible plans to pay back the money you owe or borrowed.


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