RV life tips for 2022

The great RV road trip is a dream for some and a necessity for others. Hitting the highway and taking in the beauty of the landscape while stopping off at many, many spots along the way is an adventure. To make an RV trip as successful as possible, you must ensure your planning is brilliant. From the fire pit for night-time BBQ to the appropriate amount of toilet paper for the journey, you must ensure you have it all covered. Let’s explore some top tips to make that RV life worthwhile in 2022.

First-timer rental!

While this might shock some, RV life isn’t for everyone. You might hold unrealistic expectations of what travelling in an RV will be like and so spend a fortune on buying a vehicle only to find you hate it – and can’t wait to book your hotel holiday for next year. Renting an RV is as easy as renting a car, and you should source your rental options carefully and look at the options available.

Be careful to use a reputable rental and look closely at the terms and conditions. You will find that most companies require the driver to be over 25 and make it clear that the RV can only be driven for a certain number of miles each day. Such agreements can lead to problems returning the vehicle, especially if the mileage exceeds the agreed limit. When looking at this small print, look for unlimited mileage, a cancellation policy, security deposit, whether you have pets in the vehicle, whether you can cross borders and the state of your insurance.

Be sure of your route.

Your RV is bigger than most other traffic, and there will be some areas where you can’t go. The easiest way to avoid problems is to use a satnav that allows you to programme in that you are driving an RV and that the route to be planned will avoid narrow spaces.

You may also want to plan what you will do when you go sightseeing. An RV is not a run-a-round vehicle, and you may want to think about hitching a small car to the back or having bicycles to hand. Equally, if you don’t want to tow the small car around, you can hire a car when you stop off in places for a while to take in the sights.


The freedom of the open road sounds enticing, and you may think this is what you buy when you get an RV. You must plan your RV road trip like it must plan your RV road trip like a military expedition. You will need to stop at services to refuel and do other important acts. It would be best if you also were sure that you knew where you were stopping off to sleep for a night. Above all, you need to be confident that you are catering for the whole family’s loves and wishes, so everyone enjoys the trip.

Understand the limits of your RV

Not all vehicles have the same capabilities as others. Some are better for long-distance into the wilds on rough tracks, and others are campers meant for some gentile stop-offs. It is important to explore what your vehicle is happy to do so that you will not get stuck if you leave a sealed roadway.

You should also understand the features and functions of the vehicle before you set off. For instance, does it have a generator? How is this generator-powered? How do you hitch it up when you go to a campsite? And a thousand other questions about functions, not least how to empty the toilet.

Pack wisely

Of all the tips here, this is the most important. You need to take what is important and leave behind what is not. You have limited space in your vehicle, so you will need to be brutal on your priorities. Most RVs come with clever storage solutions, and you can work to keep belongings organised and tidy – though it takes a special kind of discipline. Your kids will be in the holiday mood and not up for normal rules, but life in your RV will be unpleasant if you allow it all to go wild.


There is nothing more memorable than an epic road trip. A special kind of freedom comes from moving from place to place and setting up camp at night wherever you rock up. Any temptation to make this a spontaneous journey should be met with caution, as it takes more planning and not less to have a successful RV trip.

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