Review : Tony Romas (@TromasBelfast) – Best Steak in Belfast?

Tony Romas Steak night



Tony Romas was recently voted “The Best Steak Experience” in Belfast by #LoveBelfast followers. In fact it won by a landslide. Now I’ve never been for steak in Tony Romas and only ever tried their ribs. So I thought their Tuesday night steak night would be ideal evening to check out how good it really is.

£9.95 for steak. Sounds to good to be true really. I was expecting a thin slice of beef to be honest, but as you can see in the above photo they serve a proper man sized steak. Better still it comes with choice of 3 sides!

I went for Medium cooked steak, Pepper Sauce, Fries and onion rings.

I don’t know how many times I thought to myself…all this for less than a tenner, where’s the catch?

But there was no catch and the steak was cooked medium as I had ordered and my guest’s was “well done” as they had ordered. Perfect, I’ve been to so many restaurants that get that part wrong.

Service in Tony Romas is excellent. Served by Orla and Clare who treat everyone like family and are very friendly.

The meal was perfect, service was excellent and costing at least 50% cheaper than the competition I can see why people voted it a clear winner.  Well done Tony Romas!






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