Review: Northern Star at the Lyric Theatre, Belfast

Northern Star- Lyric theatre


Review by Lynne (

EatingIdeasNorthern Star opened tonight at the Lyric Theatre Belfast

Written by the late Stewart Parker and directed by Lynne Parker, Northern Star ably brings to life the history of the Irish rebellion against British rule.

It tells the story of Belfast man, Henry Joy McCracken, hero of the 1798 Irish rebellion.  The play is set on the night before his arrest and execution and alternates between Henry Joy McCracken’s last night with his lover, Joy played by Paul Mallon and Charlotte McCurry and re-enactments of past events presented in the style of great Irish authors with considerable humour by the rest of the cast with some stand out performances.

An unusual stage set places the action behind the scenes with the actors wandering onto the stage and much of the action happening in the wings.  This somehow gives events of the past a very current feel.

Throughout the production, you will find yourself moved, horrified and amused.  If you love local history, want to understand it a bit more or simply love a great play, this play will be perfect for you.

You can see it in the McNaughton studio from now until 29 May.  Tuesday – Saturday– 7.45 and SaturdaySunday2.30pm



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