Review: East Belfast Granny at Ballymac Friendship Centre, Belfast

East Belfast Granny
Luna Kalo actress for Sarah Irwin

In addition to annual East Side Arts Festival 2018 (August 7th – 10th), Partisan Productions and Ballymac Friendship Trust have introduced the Belfast audience to a relatable story of ‘East Belfast Granny’.

The intriguing, one woman’s story has been developed as part of the East Side Arts Festival to tell the audience about how a familiar, focused character; Sarah Irwin’s experiences and circumstances have shaped her life.

Sarah Irwin, the energetic, focus character played by actress Luna Kalo, perfectly shows how a rough place and tough times can affect a woman’s life, and her best ability to try holding her family together.

Written and directed by Fintan Brady and produced by Karen McFarlane, this heartfelt and psychological performance touched the audience. Sarah’s truthful, yet powerful honesty and emotions throughout the story made many women and families around them to relate to her troubles.

Fintan Brady explains how the story has been put together with touchy topics such as social and financial struggles, mental health issues, loneliness and substance misuse, which are crucially important for raising awareness of local peoples social life issues.

Gary Rowntree, in charge of choreography and movement added stirring action and excitement to the fast-paced performance. Musicians Reggie Chamberlain-King, Geoff Hatt and John Macormac showing off their talent while making Sarah’s story feel both thrilling, yet funny at times.

Conleth White has worked on set and lighting design with flashy, strong lights and projections to complete a performance with vibrant colours, creating a more lively and dramatic theme.

Tickets are free and are still available for 10th August 2018.

For tickets and more information please contact Karen 07701008852 or e-mail 

Note: This performance contains strong language, 12+ year olds only. 

Author: Viktorija Kubiliute

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