Remedy Belfast

On their Facebook Page, Remedy describe themselves as a \’cool new city centre cafe bar situated on Fountain Street. Our breakfast Club offers the best brekkie in the city and our Posh Sausage Sandwich is the bizzo.’ Now, as someone who could easily forgo all other meals and eat breakfast three times a day I had to give this a try. Also, Remedy has excellent taste in art- my prints are hanging on the wall- and my ego does loooove to hang out beside my work. This has not prejudiced my review in any way!

Remedy opens and serves breakfast from 8am, making it the perfect pre-work treat or early morning meeting place. As a vegetarian I had to take a carnivorous friend along to give a fair opinion of the menu, and my lovely friend Dearbhla obliged.


We arrived at 8.30am and were promptly greeted by the friendly staff. First off, the décor is very cool- previously when I had popped in to hang my prints the builders were still there, so it was great to see the place finished. The interior is a juxtaposition of industrial rawness and antique opulence, with warm lighting and the odd animal skull thrown in for good measure. The music is atmospheric but unobtrusive. Overall, the effect is very Spitalfields/Brick Lane (the cool end, not the dodgy curry houses)

Read more via Sara O’Neill | Art and Apparel.


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