7 Strong Reasons to Keep a Lawyer on Speed Dial

Sometimes, with or without our knowledge, we find ourselves in the wrong hands of the law. When faced with such a situation, the next thing you’ll always think is getting a lawyer. Lawyers can be lifetime partners, mostly if you deal in businesses or conditions guided by law. Such situations include companies, travels, social habits, and many others.

Before getting a lawyer, you need to check on their practice to ensure you get someone reliable to help you in several situations. Before keeping them on your speed dial, check their reliability, years of course, and reviews from the cases they have handled. Here are seven main reasons to have a lawyer.

Solving Family Disputes

You won’t find one or more disputes in most modern families, especially property or marriage matters. Such interactions often lead to violence, which gets solved in courts. The experts from Preszler Law Firm explain that any issue that goes to court requires a lawyer to avoid losing the case. Failing to have a reputable lawyer may cause one to lose the case, get jailed, lose property or wealth, and get fined. Since the violence in a family setting varies from a minor mistake to a major one, you need to get a reliable lawyer who will represent you in both, especially in complicated matters dealing with inheritance or divorce. 

Protecting Teens

Being a parent is one primary task that you shouldn’t overlook. It becomes worse if your children become of age, and they are succumbing to peer pressure. When you have teenagers at home, you’ll experience several calls and issues related to minor mistakes or crimes caused by your children. Such missteps might include fights, indulging in drug abuse, vandalism, underage alcohol consumption, and many more habits. All these can be too much for a single person, and that’s why you need a family lawyer on speed dial to handle such cases. According to statistics, at least 30% of teenagers get arrested for minor offenses once in their lifetime. Your children may not be an exemption. Having a lawyer will enable you to deal with calls regarding your teenager’s arrest or when they get sued for a mistake or the other.

Divorce Cases

Having a divorce case is one primary reason why you need a lawyer on your speed dial. With changing lifestyles and family battles, people are now getting divorced more than ever—divorce tears the family, including family members, real estate property types, and wealth. The case itself and the sharing of goods in dispute end up in fights, abuse, or violence. It’s recommended to have a lawyer on speed dial when such happens to help you deal with the situation. The contact will enable you to have the right share of the properties, children, or wealth in dispute. Failing to have a lawyer may lead you to lose all or being subjected to court cases that won’t be fair for you. A lawyer will listen to the story and see how they can help you start to the end and ensure you get the right share.

Traffic and Searches

If you are a frequent driver, you probably have seen or got caught by the traffic cops on streets or highways. Most traffic enforcers pull you off the road to check your license, your vehicle condition, or charge you with an offense, including exceeding the speed limits. A stop by a traffic officer might also lead to a vehicle search, especially if they suspect you are carrying something illegal. Besides refusing to get searched until the officer shows a warranty, you can remain steady and call for your lawyer, specifically if something doesn’t add up. If officers demand to search your car or arrest you, you can politely ask them to wait as you speak to your attorney. 

Plea Bargains

If you face trial in a court of law or undergo investigations, you might get a plea that reduces your crime sentence. Such requests will require testifying into other pending state cases as required by the law. It is like helping the state in their claims to get a lenient conviction. 

Getting such depends on the lawyer representing you. Ensure you get a lawyer who understands every aspect of the law and advise you if getting the plea will be a good idea for your case. Keep your lawyer on speed dial to be checking if the request has been granted, especially when facing serious charges. 

Physical or Verbal Altercations

In our daily activities, we get ourselves into situations that lead to physical fights or verbal altercations. Such happens mostly on the streets, places of work, malls, or other public areas. Such arguments and verbal insults sometimes end up in police stations or in a court of law, which we must stand before trial. Getting arrested during fights or being summoned to a police station requires an immediate action of calling a lawyer. Having a lawyer on speed dial will guide you on your rights, issues to avoid, and what to say if you get on the trail. They will also give you support in case things get worse. 


Submitting Legal Reports

Sometimes the state or law requires us to submit legal or confidential reports to the court or any other state officer. Such documents might include online assessments, drug tests, service confirmations, legal documents, and also to testify on something. Before doing so, you need to consult your lawyer for advice. Some of these reports might be to investigate you. Your lawyer needs to verify such documents and give you the go-ahead to present or reject the offer in an orderly manner as required by the law.

Getting ourselves in the wrong hands of the law is a common occurrence. What matters is how we get out of the mess. Without a reputable lawyer, getting out of any disarray can be challenging and overwhelming. If you don’t have a lawyer yet on your speed dial, you need to do so as soon as possible since the chances of needing them are several, depending on what you do, where you live, and your general lifestyle.


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