If you’ve decided to hire a cleaning service for your house, apartment, or place of business, then congratulations on your wise decision. It’s an open secret that those other homeowners you see who have houses that are tidy and spotless maintain this clean state of their homes because they hire a cleaning service to do the work.

Now that the decision is made, your goal should be to find the most suitable company for you. It’s understandable that it’s not easy to let strangers into your home. However, by-time, these strangers will become indispensable when you need and want your house to be cleaned thoroughly, and you will begin to rely on them to deliver expert and professional cleaning for all rooms of your home.

Yet, you still want to ask a few questions and get a good idea about the company, the people they will send to you, the costs, and many other things in order to put your mind at ease and enjoy a clean home without fretting about the who, what, where, and how. So, we’ve decided to make it easier for you and made a list of all the questions you need to ask before hiring a cleaning service. 


What Products Do You Use?

This question easily slips most people’s minds, which is why we listed it first. Everyone by now should know that many commercial house cleaning products aren’t eco-friendly, especially aerosol sprays. In addition, harsh chemicals are usually used in them, which could affect the health of those living in your household, especially children, pets, and those who might have respiratory problems. Plus, some companies will expect you to get your own supplies, which might or might not suit you. Generally, it’s better to hire a company that uses their own products. This is because the cleaners know how to use them so that they don’t damage furniture, fabrics, etc. 

How Will You Gain Access to My House?

One of the biggest advantages of a cleaning service is that you don’t have to be home while they’re working. Yet, obviously cleaners have to get into the house somehow. You can be home just to open the door, or you might decide to leave the key with the company or somewhere accessible. The company should tell you what most of their other clients do. Not everyone is comfortable with leaving their house key with someone else, but keep in mind that you’re dealing with an entire company, not single cleaners. A reputable company would have done its background checks on their employees and should be able to guarantee you a high degree of integrity and dependability of those entrusted to clean your home.

How Much Do You Charge?  

An obvious and straightforward question, but you’d be surprised how some companies can be so evasive and won’t or can’t give you a straight answer. If you live around the Brisbane area, this surprising cleaning service, which allocates their cleaners to several other districts, answers this question and many other questions that will be on your mind. These experts recommend that you get a definitive answer to your cost question before hiring any cleaning service and also make sure they specialize in different types of cleaning, such as regular house cleaning, deep cleaning, and bond and commercial cleaning. When the service is upfront with you, it’s guaranteed that you won’t be ripped off and know exactly what to expect in the cleaning and payment departments.

What’s the Easiest Way to Contact You?

We’ve all been down that road where companies are very friendly and helpful till after the first booking. After that, they might not answer your questions, whether on the phone or online, and it becomes difficult to get in touch with them. If you want to book a service on a regular basis, make sure it’s easy to do that. It’s even better if you can do that just with a simple email.

Are Company Cleaners Insured?

This is another important question because if someone is injured on your property, you can be held liable. It could cost you a lot of money if you miss this question. Of course, you will also want items in your home to be protected and you should inform a company if certain items need to be handled with care.

Those are some questions that will help you decide which cleaning company to use. If you find a company hesitant in their answers or give you dubious ones, save your time and energy and find another one. Just as important as the actual cleaning, you’ll want a company that is efficient and reputable and treat their clients with the respect they deserve.

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