Public Transportation: Is It The Answer To Reduced Carbon Emissions?

Public transportation, though often overlooked, is actually a great way to travel in the city. It gives you a social environment that lets you people watch and get to know the people around you. Plus, it is a fantastic way to reduce carbon emissions, save money, and give you time to relax during your commute.

The term public transportation may refer to a large number of vehicles, but for the purpose of this article, we are referring to buses, taxis, planes, trains, and ferries in order to get around. Whether used for your daily commute or on occasion to go somewhere, there are many merits of using public transportation options. If you are ready to take the plunge to a greener car free future click here.

Tips For Getting Real With Public Transportation

If you don’t see yourself embracing public transportation just yet, give yourself the ability to get acquainted with the options. Why not try taking the bus or hailing a taxi once or twice a week? With enough practice, you will feel at ease, especially if you make some friends along the way.

Did you know that just reducing the number of airplane trips you take can make a difference for our environment? Sure, it isn’t always feasible to drive to a location, but if it is, consider taking your car, renting one or buying a bus ticket.

For longer trips, skip driving your car, and whenever possible, opt for a train, subway or boat ride. If your car remains a necessity high on your list, employ the possibility of carpooling with people you know to lower the emissions. Four people together in a car will reduce carbon emissions significantly when compared to the same people flying. But, even lower carbon emissions can be achieved by using a train.

Get In Touch With Local Politicians

Not everyone will feel committed to lowering emissions, but if the environment is important to you, write to your local politicians. Raise awareness of the current state of public transportation, and ask for the possibility of replacing gasoline fueled buses for a fleet of hybrid or electric buses instead. Of course, it depends on your city and state’s infrastructure for transportation, but the more people that consider writing, the better the chances of action being taken.

Reassess Your Need For Transport

If you have children that you drive to school, consider walking them instead if the school is only a few blocks from home. Not only is it faster to get there, but you can help do your part in reducing our dependence on driving. If taking the school bus is a possibility for your children, opt for it as it is still a great way to incorporate public transportation into your daily life.

Heading for work to the office every morning? Do you have a conference scheduled? Ask about work you can do at home or electronically via video. A video conference uses only 7 percent energy when compared to direct in-person conferences and meetings. If you’re wondering about other ways you can shorten your work commute or become more environmentally conscious, the Internet has plenty of apps and informative articles to keep you in the loop.

If you do need to get to work, why not hire a taxi or an Uber car or even something like this? They are still technically a form of public transportation, but they help reduce your dependence on your own vehicle. Make a stand against fossil fuels by choosing a taxi that is electric or runs on a hybrid fuel.

Quick Fact

Did you know that if you purchase off-season bus or train tickets you can save a great deal of money? In fact, if you buy a pass for week-long or monthly train or bus rides, you can get better rates.

Get Comfortable With Public Transportation

Know the starting point for your journey when taking the bus or any other form of public transportation. Usually, you can get a detailed map from Google or a transportation database to help you calculate the fastest journey times and shortcuts. This will help the journey become second nature to you.

Is your city lacking when it comes to public transportation? Become an advocate of change and write letters to government representatives or the local newspaper to raise awareness.


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