How to Protect your Car from Criminals

With car theft on the rise in most urban and suburban areas of the UK, how can you protect your vehicle from criminals?


There is no hiding that car theft and criminal damage to vehicles rank high on crime statistics in the UK today, and it is on the rise.

Vehicles, primarily domestically owned cars, often target petty criminals and criminal gangs to steal for unlawful uses or illegal sales.

Of course, it is often short-lived for the criminals. They are often caught and charged with their vehicle crimes. Still, on the other side of the criminal activity, the owner of the vehicle experiences some incredibly inconvenient losses and financial implications.

Protection of your vehicle from both theft and intentional damage is something that every car owner should place at the very top of their priority list to ensure that their vehicles are as safe as possible.

There are many ways you can easily protect your vehicle from deliberate theft and harm, so let’s go straight into some of the things you can do to protect your car from criminal activity.

Secure Parking.

Of course, the most significant element of safety that can introduce to our vehicles is parking them in a safe and secure environment, which counts for every time you park and your vehicle is out of sight.

Secure parking may include:

  • Parking in a well-lit area
  • Parking in a secure or staffed car park
  • Parking in a public place
  • Parking with CCTV visibility
  • Park on your own property.

While we know that these are measures you can take to reduce the instances of vehicle crime, of course, there is never a 100% guarantee that nothing will happen to your car in any of these instances; however, these are ways we can lessen the risk of anything happening to our cars.

Safety And Security Devices

Depending on the age and manufacture of your car, you could have altering levels of physical security and anti-theft devices when it comes to your car.

As cars come, they will often have factory-fitted safety features already installed in your vehicle to make sure there is a certain level of security for our website, and these elements are ordinarily:

  • A car alarm, which can be both audible and visual
  • An immobiliser, which will prevent functionality on theft
  • Tracking devices

All of these elements are great for ensuring a base level of security for your vehicle. Still, there are always things we can do above and beyond what is already there.

Additional security and safety devices come in many forms, including both physical and digital, to deter car criminals from initially targetting your car and stop the vehicle from being much use to them if they were to breach the security.

We can also add:


Dash Cams

Dash Cams can be great as an initial deterrent for car criminals if they think they are being recorded, as dashcam recordings can be used as evidence. Still, they can also be helpful if you were to park your car out of sight. You can look through the camera’s eyes if the cameras are set to be activated.


Wheel Lock

Wheel locks are physical devices that are attached to one wheel of your vehicle that is physically locked, which renders that wheel completely immobile; therefore, the car cannot be moved.

These are often triangular in appearance. The bottom is flat, keeping that wheel stationary until the device is unlocked and removed.


Steering Lock

Steering locks are great pieces of physical immobilisation equipment. They can be that extra level of a visual deterrent that means that car criminals may just realise your car is going to be more challenging to target!

These devices are attached to your steering wheel and another anchor point in your car, such as the handbrake or gearstick, so effectively, the vehicle cannot be moved nor driven anywhere.


Additional Audible Alarms

Cars are usually fitted with an audible car alarm as standard. Still, there is the option of adding additional audible alarms to your vehicle to give out a loud warning if the car security is breached.

These additional alarms can combine voice, sound, and flashing light functionalities that can be the first line of defense when securing your car from car criminals.

Some alarms can even be activated when there is any activity within a set perimeter of your vehicle, so this can immediately warn that your car is not for targeting!


In-Car Cameras

Digital devices such as in-car cameras can be a great feature in your car that can increase the safety of your vehicle if it is ever targetted by car criminals.

Not dissimilar to a dashcam, these cameras are standalone digital assets that can continually or on-demand be activated to capture imagery when it is needed.

These cameras alone displayed in your vehicle may be deterrent enough to ward off any car criminals. Still, they can also be helpful to check on the safety of your car if you have left it somewhere out of sight.


The safety of your car is one of the most important things to you.

Cars do often come with many standard features that can increase the safety and security of your vehicles, such as alarms, immobilisers, and tracking features.

You can add any additional safety and security features to your car to make it incredibly safe. By making sure that you take some practical actions with your car placement when you are not nearby, you can make sure that your car is as safe as it can be.

Where there are cars around, there will always be car crime, and car criminals will do almost anything to breach the security of your vehicle for illegal activity or simply just to cause some havoc.

Ensuring our cars are safe can save us time and money, and it can also keep us on track with our life with no criminal disturbances for more information visit magazine for all

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