How You Can Prevent Road Accident by Following 11 Easy Tips

 What are the easiest ways to prevent road accidents, do you really know?

As a motorist in Northern Ireland, you might have observed that minor or severe accidents happen to both new drivers and experienced ones, and sometimes it could leave you wondering why.

Road accidents result from factors; such as drunken driving, distractions, bad road conditions, etc, and it’s no respecter for age. But the good news is that you do not have to be a victim of these mishaps.

Hence, here is a guide of 11 easy tips on how you can prevent road accidents and preserve your life and that of other road users:

  1. Avoid Speeding

“Speed kills,” and that is not just a cliche. Irrespective of how familiar you are with the Northern Ireland roads, over speeding knocks you off balance and does not give you enough time to avert a collision caused by bad weather, bad roads, etc

  1. Use Your Seat belt

Research conducted by The AA insurance shows that road accidents, severe injury and fatality can reduce by about 50% when Irish drivers utilize their seat belt. Hence, if you must drive, always remember to fasten your seat belt.

  1. Maintain Your Vehicle

Should you demand high performance from a car that you do not service regularly? That would not be right! So, check your car tires, replace the engine oil or top it up if need be, and service your car every 12 months. It is a safe way to prevent an accident and eliminate sudden stops.

  1. Avoid Distractions

You could be driving through Belfast or even Derry in Northern Ireland; however, what is far more essential is to stay focused while on the road. Avoid distractions from your mobile phone and other likely sources.

  1. Don’t Drive When Tired

When you are tired, your attention level is minimal, and it is not the right time to drive. You might end up swerving off the road or even running into another vehicle in that state of fatigue. Preferably, get someone to assist you or have a quality time of rest before hitting the road.

  1. Beware Of Accidents In Car Parks

One of the trends in Northern Ireland car parks is the assembly of friends, pets, children, vehicles in motion, etc. The car parks are usually bubbling with activities here and there. However, by keeping a close watch on pedestrians and using your indicators appropriately, you would avoid even the slightest collision.

  1. Use Your Indicators Rightly

One of the primary causes of road accidents is a collision, and sadly, it has led to a rising number of casualties and loss of life.

Consider this scenario, imagine that you were driving at top speed and the car in front is already indicating a left turn when suddenly it turns right instead. You will agree that it’ll take a miracle to escape a collision.

So then, on your part, it is always better to make allowances while driving and indicate many seconds before entering a bend or changing lanes.

  1. Be Cautious Of Traffic Light Dodgers

Irish drivers who think they can still beat the traffic light are likely to keep moving right after the green light changes to red. To avoid being a victim of their negligence, endeavour to look left and right before driving past any green light.

  1. The 12-second Driving Rule

Just so you know, this rule can help you prevent a car accident, and through constant adherence to it, you will become more alert and aware of your driving. The 12-second driving rule demands that you scan the road ahead of you for at least 12 seconds, as that way, you’ll be more prepared for the risks ahead- if any.

  1. Drive Carefully In Bad Weather

If you must drive in poor visibility, like during winter, then you should do so cautiously. Driving at night also has its potential risk; hence you must be sure that the headlights and other lights are working well.

  1. Look Out For Children

Children are very innocent, and they do not have as much knowledge about road safety as adults. When cruising around schools, or even where kids are out playing, be conscious of their safety, and tread carefully.


These 11-tips were listed carefully to help you prevent road accidents. By following through on them, it is proof positive that you are a law-abiding citizen who values human lives and property.

Furthermore, driving through the Northern Ireland roads will mostly be a pleasant and accident-free experience-which is what you want anyway.


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