Comparisons Between All Pokémon Slot Machines

Pokemon has been one of the few that claim a major part of our childhood memories. Still today, Pokemon has a huge fanbase all over the world. Started in 1996, Pokemon has had multiple additions to its collection, and it is growing with each passing day. From Pokemon Red and Blue to Sword and Shield, each had been a complete entertainment package on its own. However, they have also added an element of fun for the players, the game corner.

Found in the first four generations of Pokemon games, the game corner is where players can test their luck. You can find these game corners from Pokemon Red and Blue up until Pokemon Colosseum and XD. This article will talk about these game corners, their working, rewards, and a detailed comparison between all of the slot machines found in these. So, you better fasten your seatbelts as there is much more ahead. First, let’s look at what Celadon Game Corner is.

Celadon Game Corner:

Celadon Game Corner is one of the main casinos found in Pokemon games. It is located in the southeast part of Celadon City in the Kanto region. Being one of the main reasons for the city’s beauty, it is a good place to hang out during your Pokemon journey. However, the citizens of Celadon city discourage travellers from heading there, believing that the casino is a bad place to go. Celadon City is not the only place you can find game corners, but there are others like 5 euros free casinos, depending on which generation of the Pokemon game you are playing.

The Celadon City Game Corner consists of two buildings. The larger one is for the games, and the smaller one to the right is where the player can exchange their coins for rewards. Celadon Game Corner is the only casino in Pokemon games that offers slot machines to test your luck. Now let’s head to the inside and have a look at the games.

Pokémon Slot Machine:

You may know what slot machines are. Players can find the Pokémon slot machines in game corners where players can try their luck. Pokémon slot machines work similarly to ordinary slot machines. You have to spin the reel and make it stop at a combination of desired icons to win coins. The greater icon combinations you get, the greater coins you can end up with. And at the end, you can exchange these coins for in-game rewards. Some say that this slot machine is tough to beat, while it’s a piece of cake for others. Well, it doesn’t matter what you say; the odds of your winning are thin as a needle.

Although all slot machines were basically the same across all Pokemon generations, there were slight differences in each one. We are gonna go through each below.

Comparison Between Pokémon Slot Machines:

Digging further into the topic, we discovered that the slot machines differed in payout and the series of icons shown on the reel. Also, the games differ in coin requirement across different generations.

Generation One:

There are thirty slot machines in the game corner in Generation One games, Red, Blue, Green, and the special version Yellow. Eight out of thirty slot machines are already being used. One is labeled “reserved”, another one is labeled “out of order”, and there is one machine on which someone has left their keys. The player can buy coins from the front counter; however, the NPCs present in the game corner give some coins to start. Generation One games can be played using 1, 2 or 3 coins. Using 1 coin allows payouts for the center line only. Playing with 2 coins takes the payout to all three horizontal rows while using 3 coins adds the diagonal lines.

The game works simply. The reels start spinning just as the players enter the machine. It stops as you press button A which shows the result. The machine offers six different types of symbols on the reel with different payout values.


The payouts include 300, 100, 15, 15, 15 and 8. The highest ones are awarded for sevens and bars, respectively.

The game is programmed to work so that you don’t lose too much and that you don’t win too much. If you play fairly, then the odds of your winning are quite thin. If we talk numbers, then we can say that on each turn, you have a 79% chance of losing, a 20% chance of a small win and a 1% chance of a big win.

Generation Two:

Generation Two includes Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal, and you can find two game corners in these. First in Celadon city being the main one, and the second in Goldenrod city in the Johto region. The Goldenrod game corner gives the same look as the one found in previous generations. It has thirty slot machines, some of which are being used. You can play slot machines here as well.

They have improved the slot machines in their favour about the winning criterion, making it even more difficult for players to win. However, all is not in vain as they have added some modes that might help the player. Like, when you get two sevens on the reels, a Golem or a Chansea appears and starts dropping rocks and egg bombs to get the last seven in place as well. This is a factor they have added to help players.


Second Generation payouts are changes as well, with 300 being the highest and 6 being the lowest.

The Celadon City game corner in the second generation is also the same as before. However, they have added a new card game with greater chances of winning for the player.

Generation Three:

The third generation includes Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. The game corner is situated in Mauville City in the Hoenn region. They have worked on the interface and made it look presentable and more like a place for gambling. The slot game interface has also been improved to make it look good.

Now coming to the slot machines, there are sixteen slot machines in the game corner, with four of them already occupied. The gameplay method is just like the previous ones. The game starts as the player enters the machine, and the reels stop as the player presses button A. Again, one coin opens one row, two coins open horizontal rows, and three coins open all available options for the player.


The payouts range between 300 as the highest and 2 as the lowest. There are some positive changes done to the game that go in support of the player.

Additionally, they have added two sets of sevens in red and blue colors with a payout for two combinations. This makes the player end up with at least something from the game. Also, they have bonuses in the form of Replay and Lightning Bolts that benefit the players. In the end, the games have the exact logic but adding bonuses makes them easy for players.

Generation Four:

The fourth generation includes Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. The game corner is situated in Veilstone city in the Hoenn region. The interface is great, just like the third generation. They have made considerable changes, but they have decreased its size other than making the place bigger. Additionally, now they have set each reel to a button which makes three buttons for three reels.

The slot machines are about the same with the same logic. As a difference, they have added a bonus round with each spin you do which actually helps you win the game. It goes with a Clefairy, a shiny Clefairy or a Ditto in the form of a Clefairy popping out of its Poke ball on the screen’s left bottom corner. The player needs to hit the reels in the same or

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