Our favourite Belfast Coffee shop (@DockTQCafe) gets a Titanic makeover

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If you pass Dock Cafe next week (24th Feb – 1st March), the ‘Closed’ sign will be in the window – but DON”T PANIC!

Closed? Noooooo!!!
We haven’t given up on the whole business of running the best, beautifullest cafe/community living room/prayer garden/chillout zone/honesty-box diner/home-away-from-home/little slice of Heaven-on-Earth in the entire history of space and time – we’re just giving it a bit of a spruce-up!

As we approach our 2nd birthday, we reckon we might also be approaching the 100,000-visitor mark – and so the place needs a bit of a spring clean, re-paint and (as always) a chance to try out a few creative new ideas…

Open – hurraaah!!!
And so before you know it, we’ll be opening the doors again to DOCK Cafe 3.0, as part of our next SundayNight on Nomadic, at 6pm on Sunday 2nd March.

It’s been amazing starting to get into the rhythm of our monthly worship meetings on board this stunning piece of Titanic heritage.  Old hymns and new insights (this month reflecting on the soul-stirring words of St Patrick’s Breastplate), snug between the decks of a ship – and with coffee in the newly-reopened cafe for afters!

The new fellas
Once the cafe re-opens, there’ll be a couple of new faces on the other end of the coffee pot.  Call in soon to meet our new Cafe Supervisor James (Dock-world claim to fame: accidentally driving a G&H Catering van into shot during a scene of ancient ritual sacrifice on a beach in Game Of Thrones) and Development Co-Ordinator Joachim (Dock-world claim to fame: being the German guy we all laughed and pointed at during the Dock’s launch ceremony back in 2009) (you had to be there).

For she’s a jolly good Little Boss
That means that I’m now writing this email during the last few days that Tegan will be the ‘Little Boss’ of Dock Cafe.  I almost don’t know how to put in words what Tegan means to allof us in the Dock, and how much we will miss her as she embarks on adventures new.  It is absolutely no exaggeration to say that Dock Cafe would simply not exist without her.  If you want to be part of giving her the best sendoff the world has ever seen (and celebrating an important birthday into the bargain), then keep theevening of Saturday 8th March free in your diary: as well as marking Tegan’s farewell, it will also be 2 years to the day since she snipped the ribbon on the opening day of Dock Cafe.

Can you believe it’s 2 years since the Meanwhile Lease,Eamonn Day and our first tentative steps into this amazing adventure?  We have so much to be thankful for – join us on 8th March as we say Thanks in style!

You have been (Trip) Advised
One thing we could never have expected in those early days of operating a cafe with a few deckchairs and a kettle was that we would start getting rave reviews on Trip Advisor – but check it out!  We recently surged from somewhere in the middle-rankings to 64th out of 711 restaurants and cafes in Belfast.  Even the Dock loo gets some love!

A Titanic Tweet
You can now follow the Dock team on Twitter – so you don’t miss moments like the Meeting Of Many Ingas, the day James’s mum made a boiled cake, a visit from Sammy the Seal, spontaneous opera-singing with Volunteer Now, the construction of Titanic in under an hour, and many more…
Dock Cafe: @DockTQCafe
Chris: @DockTQChris
James: @DockTQJames
Joachim: @DockTQJoachim
Follow us now or we’ll be ronery.

Time to stop waffling
Just one of the many unexpected wonderful things to happen in 2 years of Dock Cafe life is that we have given birth to some new businesses – like Elaine’s Waffle Hut, which began last Summer in the Dock pop-up market, and Tanya’s ‘Bendy Belfast’ artwork, which she sold from the cafe in the run-up to Christmas.  Elaine and a cohort of young entrepreneurs are opening ‘We Make’ – a 10-day (Feb 28-Mar 9) pop-up shop in the city centre, while Tanya’s art is now on sale every weekend at St George’s Market (she even popped up in their recent promotional video).  Call in and see them both!

Well that’s all for now… and we haven’t even reached Titanic anniversary, the arrival of the Giro, the Maritime Heritage weekend… exciting times!  I’ll sign off with a reminder of the dates for the diary:
24th Feb-1st March – Dock Cafe closed for makeover
2nd March – Sunday Night on Nomadic @ 6pm, with re-opening of Dock Cafe
8th March @ 7:30pm – Dock Cafe 2nd Birthday Party & Tegan’s Farewell

Be well!


The Dock is now a charity – so if you’d like to donate to the work of building Life in the Titanic Quarter, every penny can be Gift-Aided.  Find out more here

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