Revolutionary Software Driving Company Profits & Mitigating Risk

Leading technology company, Obbi Solutions, a revolutionary and innovative software platform solution company, has signed a major deal with Northern Ireland blind manufacturer, Decora Blind Systems Ltd.

The new contract will see Obbi Solutions provide a new software platform for all Decora staff 1031 people in total to enable them to save training time, drive profits and protect them from risk by integrating key business critical processes onto one user friendly, cloud-based platform.

Decora Blind Systems, Lisburn.

Gareth Macklin, founding director of Obbi Solutions and Director of the Macklin Group, launched the business together with a team of senior professionals, following a global inability to find a suitable solution for their own 650-people strong business, that would satisfy the integration of a range of key processes. The overarching goal was to develop a world-class system to cut paperwork and administration time, increase staff retention and productivity and facilitate safer work environments, whilst ultimately creating efficiencies to drive profits.

The solution which is customisable to any business, is currently helping companies in a range of sectors including manufacturing, engineering, retail, hospitality and healthcare with a number of industry leading companies including globally renowned, Decora Blind Systems in Lisburn.

Barry Hughes, Training and Development Manager, Decora Blind Systems Ltd, explains:

Obbi has transformed our processes, slashing the time required for our induction by over 60 per cent and opened up our staff to a new way of thinking. We began with a simple task of replicating our internal processes digitally, but what Obbi has actually achieved is to allow our staff to spot potential time savings in their daily jobs and has empowered them to re-examine their processes and make implementable suggestions that will save the company considerable time and money.

“Once we saw our key processes optimised through the Obbi system our eyes were opened to a new and easier way of doing things. For example, our old induction process used to take from 9.00am to 1:00pm and had to be carried out by management. Now the process is so simple that it can be delegated to multiple team members, delivered by 10.30am, simplifying and streamlining the administration of the induction process.

Barry concluded: “Obbi has also helped us take control of our on the job training, mentoring, compliance and important checklists on machinery. Now we are exploring further opportunities with the Obbi team to bring even more efficiencies to the company and our staff.”

Gareth Macklin, director, Obbi Solutions explains “Our vision was to drive productivity by unlocking the value of employees through continuous development and we are absolutely delighted to be working with a phenomenal global company like Decora who are reaping the benefits of our software.  Obbi can transform businesses as it allows them to look at their existing skills set and tackle challenges, to focus on growing the business. 

“It drives profits and protects companies by mitigating risk through automating the traditionally manual paper-based processes, streamlining these procedures, which in turn creates efficiencies for all departments.

The software can be accessed on any smart device, anywhere at any time and is completely user friendly regardless of technical capability.” 

Obbi Solutions has worked with key stakeholders in the Health and Safety Executive, Legal, Insurance, HR and Operations where they have letters of accreditation highlighting Obbi’s ability to both reduce accidents at work, as well as significantly increasing company protection against claims. The inventive software digitally optimises 10 business critical processes on its platform including Training, Compliance, Health & Safety, Facility Management, Accident Report and Staff Communication to name a few.

The current problem is costing businesses both time, money and work-related claims with over 550,000 work related injuries in the UK last year alone.

With its portfolio of clients expanding into the Republic of Ireland & England alongside interest from the transportation, recycling, charity and events sectors, Obbi’s team has grown in the first half of 2019 with further recruitment planned towards the end of the summer.

Obbi is marking its place in the world of new technology having recently been announced as finalists of the prestigious Catalyst Invent 2019 competition which showcases some of the top innovative companies in Northern Ireland.

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