Up for the challenge? We Are Vertigo opens the doors for all the Ninja Warriors to complete an exciting and adventurous Ninja Master Course.

To an addition of the skydiving centre, We Are Vertigo have introduced a part of £1million investment worth, new and daring activity – the Ninja Master Course, at the Titanic Quarter facility.

We are Vertigo

The high-adrenaline 110ft obstacle course is the first and only ninja course in Northern Ireland, encouraging all ninja warriors to gather for an adventurous race.

This thrilling course offers to complete four courageous challenges. The course starts with a participant having to walk over a moving bar to the second obstacle of floating logs and ropes which the participant has to use to jump over to the third stop. The third challenge consist of three boxes, the two boxes are static and the third one is a moving box, here the participant is expected to try to climb through the three boxes down to the last activity. The last part is the famous wall, here the participants can choose to run up to on one out of three different height levels, each participant has two tries. The participants who complete all four challenges can claim to have achieved the title of a Ninja Master!

When undertaking this course, the participants that are brave enough for all four challenges will be timed after the buzzer, encouraging continuous personal best times improvements and group competitions.

This physical activity is fun for participants of varying ages and is especially enjoyable for groups, families, birthday parties and other celebrations.

For the personal course the participants can choose to attend the Ninja Master Course session and for those who love team building and group activities, the Ninja Master Group admission. The Ninja Master group admission allows groups up to 20 people to undertake the ninja course together.

Additionally, We Are Vertigo offer Skydive + Ninja experience consisting of a 24,000ft Indoor Skydive experience and the Ninja Master Course.

The ninja activities are suitable for ages 6+.

Note: Participants must be physically fit and able-bodied.


The Ninja Master Course session – £15.00 per person

The Ninja Master Course group admission – £260.00 per group

Skydive + Ninja experience – £60.00 per person

For more information visit: https://www.wearevertigo.com/activities or email: info@wearevertigo.com

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