New Kilkeel company @RuachMusic launch the drum kit in the box @kickstarter – check this out!


Stephen Henderson, 19, owns a company called Ruach Music, based in Kilkeel, Northern Ireland, who have been manufacturing handmade cajons (box-drums), for the past 2 years and have been selling them internationally. He has just launched a new product line on online crowd funding site Kickstarter.

What is a Cajon?

Thought to have originated in Peru in the 16th Century, the Cajon is a wooden drum played with either your hands or brushes. Usually played alongside an acoustic guitar as a replacement for a drum kit, the Cajon is the perfect “drum kit in a box” for acoustic sessions of any genre of music.

How did Ruach Music come to be? 

Over the past 2 years I have been selling a pre-series product line, the “MK-Range,” and have made over 400 Cajons by hand. Through selling this product line, I was able to analyse the percussionists response: what they loved, what they thought could be improved, and what they didn’t want to change! Using this feedback in combination with a variety of percussionists’ thoughts, I designed the “LIVE Series.”

What to get involved: Support Stephen’s KickStart campaign! = click here




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