New-Age Wedding Gifts That Are Perfect For Newlyweds

Weddings are the beginning of a new chapter in the livers of two people and therefore, both of them should feel the most special they’ve ever felt in their lives. One way they would feel extremely special is by getting beautiful wedding presents that they would cherish for years to come. However, new-age wedding gifts aren’t just ornamental; they are pragmatic yet elegant gifts that the wedding couples can use quite often and cherish. Keep reading this blog to get great ideas for wedding gifts you plan to buy in near future.  

  1. Crockery Set

If the newlywed couple is shifting together to a new house right after marriage or has just moved in together, it would be a great idea to gift them something to make their house feel like home. Crockery, fine dining or cookware sets are common wedding and wedding anniversary gifts in UK, Asia, Europe and beyond.. Although some people believe these don’t fall under sophisticated gift options, millennials of today are loving to get such a practical gift for themselves as wedding presents.


  1. Personalised Ornament

Speaking of the new house, a personalised piece of home decoration sounds great for a newlywed couple. It could be a photo frame with their pictures, wall art with their names on graphic designs, a custom set of plates, or perhaps a comfy blanket etched with their initials — all these can make a perfect souvenir from your side. 


  1. Games For Date Night

They are newlyweds; they are going to stop going out often and prefer to spend time alone at home to bond even more, and it definitely won’t include sitting beside each other and staring at the TV.. You could gift them a board game or a puzzle to play in late evenings. Or perhaps a game to spice up their date nights too. However, it is best to give them these if you know the couple well and understand what they might enjoy playing. 


  1. A Holiday Package

If you can afford to give the couple a slightly costlier gift, you could buy them their honeymoon! You could set up a trip via a holiday planning agency to their dream honeymoon destination. You could rope in people to contribute for the expenses and make it a group-gift of sorts and give the couple this fantastic holiday package. 


  1. Wedding Vow Keepsakes

Wedding vows are incredibly important to the couple getting married. They pour their heart out in the form of words they say to each other while they stand at the end of the altar; it is an emotional memory for everyone. It is only understandable that they would love to cherish those words forever and keep them at their side forever. Wedding vow keepsakes help them keep their vows as decor with them always. It can be a wall hanging, a wall art, a showpiece or bed table decor. It can even be personalised, which adds even more love to the gift you would present to them on their wedding day. 


  1. Couples Cookbook

Many cookbooks are available, especially for newlyweds, which are full of amazing recipes to try your hand at with your better half. If the couple you are buying the gift for is a fan of cooking and is always enthusiastic about trying new things in the kitchen, this could be the perfect wedding gift for them. 

As a guest invited to someone’s special day, it should always be in your mind to try your best to add to their happiness and rejoice in the holy matrimony that you get to witness while  giving them something worth cherishing. So, make a smart choice while selecting the right gift for the newly wedded couple. 

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