Navantia, BMT, Harland and Wolff to entice UK ship contracts

Harland and Wolff

The two companies have signed an ‘exclusive Teaming Agreement’ to bid for the Fleet Solid Support Ship (FSS) contract with BMT listed as an exclusive subcontractor should the team win the contract.

In a press release Team Resolute wrote: “Team Resolute combines 159 years of shipbuilding experience at one of the UK’s biggest shipyards, including the two largest dry docks in Europe, with unrivalled auxiliary design experience from UK designer BMT and a world-leading auxiliary shipbuilding track record from Navantia.”

The teaming agreement follows a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by InfraStrata and Navantia last year that raised hopes the Fleet Solid Support Ship contract would be awarded to a UK contractor. The MoU laid the groundwork for further discussion on sharing work on the programme should it be awarded to Navantia.

John Wood, chief executive of Harland and Wolff’s parent company InfraStrata, said the partnership had “the capability and credibility to disrupt the UK defence shipbuilding duopoly that currently exists”.

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