How to Improve the Security of Your Mac

It’s believed that Macs are safer than PCs, but that doesn’t mean they’re impervious to security threats. Over the past few years, the Mac operating system’s market share has grown steadily – from just under 8% in January 2013 to 15.5% as of June 2021. And all users must take the appropriate steps to protect themselves and their devices.

Of course, they come with built-in security features, but there are additional measures you can put in place to help stave off harmful attacks.

The Mac’s built-in security features

Your Mac comes with antivirus software XProtect, which picks up and blocks any potential malware. It’s regularly updated by Apple and will run every time an app is downloaded or changed in any way.

Then there is Gatekeeper, which is meant to prevent malware from being installed in the first place by checking for any malicious code. If Gatekeeper picks up anything suspicious, it will block the download in question.

It’s best  only to use apps from the App Store, as these have all been approved by Apple and should not pose a threat.

Improving your Mac’s security

As well as benefiting from those built-in features, you can add further layers of protection. Without them, you leave yourself open to potential identity theft, financial loss, and irreparable damage to your software, to name just three. Hopefully, some of these measures will help ensure your security:

  • Install a virtual private network (VPN): Using a VPN for your Mac means creating an encrypted data tunnel, which hides your IP address and protects your identity.
  • Use two-factor authentication: This requires you to enter a randomly generated one-off code

to add an extra step when signing into any accounts. It means cybercriminals will be unable to gain access, even if they have managed to get hold of your password.

  • Check your privacy settings: If your Mac’s default settings allow others to view your data, you can disable automatic logins and make sure a password is always required.
  • Enable FileVault: This means that even if someone did access your Mac, your personal information would remain encrypted and therefore impossible for them to view without the password.
  • Use a firewall: Many security threats occur when we connect to the internet, but a firewall acts as a barrier to sifting through all the online traffic and identifying any potential risks, thus keeping you and your device safe.


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