David James Kerr

Online luxury men’s retailer David James Kerr is cautiously optimistic about the current headwinds facing retailers reporting strong figures after a St. Patrick’s Day flash sale.

The Belfast based company has seen its customers’ web traffic and conversions increase significantly over the past few days since social distancing and working from home has become the norm.

The company reported a 7,775 per cent increase in customer sales between 17th and 18th March 2020 compared to the same period last year.

Data from David James Kerr’s sale saw 28,755 visitors to its website in 48 hours with new customers accounting for over 60% of sales. More than half of its sales were placed between the hours of 0900-1100.

The number of online visitors to davidjameskerr.com has increased by 219% since the coronavirus outbreak began in the UK.

Top performing brands include CP Company, Stone Island, Valentino, Moncler and Canada Goose with items being shipped to the UK & Ireland, Netherlands, USA and Germany bolstered by the offer of free online delivery over £99.

David James Kerr said, ‘With people self-isolating or working from home, and schools, universities and places of worship closed, purchasing behaviour has been affected and online sales significantly rising. We created awareness of our flash sale on social media to drive people to our website offering special discounts.

‘We are very cautious in the current market with the greatest challenge we are faced with is disruption to our supply chain as many of our suppliers are based in Italy.

‘Despite the unprecedented times we are living in there is an opportunity for retailers to adapt their online offerings. All online retailers should try to ensure their platforms are prepared and equipped for any surges in customer traffic”.

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