Do you want to learn to play Ice Hockey

Thank you for your interest in learning to play Ice Hockey!

Before you can begin we require that you complete the forms (click here to download)  to register with Ice Hockey UK (for insurance purposes) and provide us with all the details we need to complete your club membership.

Our LTP sessions take place at Dundonald Ice Bowl:

We can lend your child a helmet, gloves, skates (subject to availability of sizes), elbow/shin pads and hockey stick from our stores whilst they are in the trial period.

There are some upfront costs related to IHUK and ongoing monthly training fees as follows:

£70 Initial 6 week tryout
£70 first regular month
£40 per month thereafter.

This covers annual training fees of £400 and £60 annual IHUK fee.

There may be a week or two gap between receiving forms, IHUK registration and your child’s first week on ice to ensure that insurance is in place.

As you progress we have advanced training for U10 right though to U20. The fees for these age groups increases to £600/year (£60/month) as they train twice a week.

Please complete all downloaded forms and return along with:

Initial £70 fee (payable to Junior Belfast Giants)
2 passport photos
A copy of your birth certificate

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact our head coach