Ladies Only Outdoor Exercise Session : STORMONT Sunday 10am @TribalFitnessNI



Babes Bootcamp is a ladies only group exercise session, held in nature’s gym – our great outdoors! No two sessions are the same, but each contain exercises selected to maximise fat burning through specially designed HIIT drills (high intensity interval training). HIIT training is the optimum way of burning fat. In fact, research shows that you may continue to burn fat for 24 hours after you’ve finished your workout. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

386843_498830323478189_1949830972_nA ladies only session not only ensures you are doing ‘female friendly’ exercises, but it also gives us ladies the opportunity to chat and gossip to our hearts’ content! Becoming part of the Babes Bootcamp tribe will give you the chance to see amazing results including fat loss, inch loss, increased fitness, tone and strength, as well as improving your posture and confidence… and most importantly – making friends and having a good old laugh while you’re doing it!

Sessions are designed around natural surroundings such as hills, pathways, steps and benches to incorporate a variety of exercises, including jogging, squats, sit ups, lunges, dips, core strengthening and fun games. Sometimes equipment is included in a session to spice things up a bit, which can be anything from car tyres to kids toys, or boxing gloves to ship ropes! Sessions take place regardless if it’s raining, snowing, blowing a hurricane or if the sun is splitting the trees, so make sure you come prepared.


So if you’re a bit bored of the monotony of the treadmill and fed up looking at the back of the same person in that step class, then get yourself down to Babes Bootcamp and take advantage of your FREE taster session. But wait, it gets better…there are no contracts, joining fees or monthly payments. Structure your bootcamps around your own lifestyle and work commitments with our flexible session card system. We’ve removed all the excuses. See? We told you we ‘get’ women.

Of course we work hard, but the sessions are very relaxed, friendly and open to ladies of ALL ages, ALL abilities, ALL fitness levels. All exercises can be adapted for individual needs, and your Chief will keep you on track. Come and join us for a FREE taster session. What have you got to lose? Apart from inches….


Terms and Conditions

For full details of the Flexible Session Card System, please visit the Prices page.

If you’ve booked in for a FREE taster session or perhaps you’re considering joining the Tribe, you may have a few questions. Feel free to have a chat with your Chief about any queries or concerns you may have, however these few FAQs may help you in the meantime.

How long are the sessions?

Each session is 45 – 60 minutes.

What should I wear?

Wear layered clothing appropriate for the weather. Ensure you have comfortable training shoes that can be securely fastened. Remember a hat if it’s cold and sun cream if it’s hot (we should be so lucky, eh!). Gloves are recommended at each session as we often lean on walls and benches which can be wet and cold. We sometimes get ‘down and dirty’ on the floor so be prepared to get a bit mucky from the odd bootcamp! Trust me, it’s great fun and makes that hot shower afterwards even better!

What do I need to bring?

Your completed registration form if possible. A small bottle of water that you can carry, as we’re often on the move throughout the session. Some people like to tie a lightweight waterproof jacket around their waist…just to be prepared for our great Northern Irish weather! Other than that all you need to bring is a smile, some motivation, an open mind ….your Chief will provide the rest!

Do I need to be fit or use a gym?

Not at all. Tribal Fitness is fully inclusive for all women. So no matter what your fitness level or previous gym experience, you’ll always be made to feel welcome in the Tribe. Your Chief will alter any exercises to suit your individual needs, so you can take it as easy – or as hard – as you’d like to!

What about bad weather?

What about it? It’s Northern Ireland. It’s going to rain! We don’t let the weather stop us from having fun and working towards our health and fitness goals. Bootcamp will still go ahead in the sun, rain, snow and wind, so just make sure you come prepared. Remember, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing! (In extreme weather conditions, the session may be cancelled for safety reasons so make sure you check out the Tribal Fitness Newsfeed on the Homepage, and our Facebook Page, for updates before each session to avoid dissappointment).


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