Jessikah Hope Stenson’s collection of short stories titled ‘A Single Drop Of Perfect & Other Stories’ is available now exclusively to Amazon.

The five short stories cover family, friendship and love. They are Jessikah’s first publication, published by Excalibur Press (Northern Ireland).

Jessikah said: “These stories have personal roots but have since taken on a life of their own. The Lemon And The Lake is about thanatophobia, something I believe I have been struggling with for years and is an undiscussed but common issue in today’s society. I hope that people reading that story will understand more about how life-consuming thanatophobia can be and if they suffer from it – they are not alone.”

The eBook is available for FREE DOWNLOAD until Wednesday 2nd March.

So far Jessikah has peaked at #3 in the Contemporary Fiction: Short Stories category (just behind Sophie Kinsella – author of Confessions Of A Shopaholic) and #6 in the Short Stories: Women’s Fiction category for free Amazon books.

Reviews appreciated but not essential.

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