It’s gone VIRAL but is N.Ireland ready for the #Suityourself Challenge?

Suityourself campaign

It’s gone VIRAL but is Belfast ready for the #SuitYourself Challenge? –

For a start we don’t have the weather. But when going on holiday most women struggle to find that
Well, according to America’s latest viral campaign … it’s time to take back your bodies and DESTROY the fear of bathing suit season. The reality is we don’t all look like models; what works for one woman won’t work for another.

The reality is that woman are so different, and it doesn’t matter if you’re naturally rail thin or naturally heavier, if you’re busty or flat chested, or if you’ve got a pear shape or are rockin’ the apple look. Women are all unique and are all beautiful.

So, OWN your body, take back the fear, and post a picture of yourself in your bathing suit on Instagram or Twitter (or both!) by using the hashtag #SuitYourself with something you LOVE about yourself.


Now Hangover’s Zach Galifinakis joined the #Suityourself campaign!

hangover join the #suityourself campaign


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