Is Online Gambling Reform Needed in Northern Ireland?

The gambling problem in Northern Ireland has increased dramatically over the years, especially with the opening of online gambling sites.

The Gambling Laws in the country have never been amended nor reformed since the year 1985. The law contains prohibitions like the disallowance of Casinos when it is a Sunday, and when there is a holiday, however, it does not contain any provisions on online gambling.

Present Day

Numerous people keep getting buried under piles of debts. Gambling debts is also one of the reasons why there has been an increase in the number of suicide cases in the country. The parents of one young man who committed suicide from the country asserted that the gambling laws could have saved their son’s life if only the government had found time to reform or change it. A great number of people who have loved ones that had the same situation made groups and associations that call for the reformation of the country’s laws. They are hoping that someday, somehow, the law would change.

Why Do They Gamble?

Other addicted gamblers would say that they want to stop gambling. However, the addiction has become excessively serious that whenever they have the opportunity to gamble, all thoughts of stopping themselves disappear. Gambling spread like wildfire when someone discovered the internet, and it became affordable. It is one of the growing markets of casinos in Northern Ireland. A lot of online gambling websites like poker sites, mobile slot sites, and roulette sites opened, and a lot of people in the country got encouraged by its accessibility. However, on the bad side, a lot of people began having problems with debts because of these online gambling sites. Most people would run from their bookkeepers, and some would even go crazy because of too much pressure.

Is Online Gambling Reform Needed in Northern Ireland?

There are several reasons why a person gets addicted to gambling. Some reasons are:

  1. Depression, stress, and anxiety are also some of the main causes of addiction. The need to feel happy and free from problems haunt them. And the feeling of excitement when they gamble could compensate for what they are looking for.
  2. The feeling of excitement when they win. Some people like to gamble because once they win, they will never be content anymore. They think that the luck they experienced would be repeatedly occurring.
  3. A child can inherit addiction from his parents. Researchers made a study, and they have proven that genes inherited from parents also play a rule in an individual’s gambling addiction.

Who Is to Blame?

Some people claim that the casinos are at fault. People who are vulnerable to the temptation of gambling will not be able to resist the casinos’ invisible call. However, the casinos insist that people should have control over their addiction. Casinos in Northern Ireland have been improving their whole gambling situation recently, and they would argue that they are only providing a source of entertainment and that the situation will always depend on the person.

The reasons why a person gambles vary. That is why it is very important to have laws that could protect the people against bookkeepers who are extremely making a large amount of money from addicted gamblers who do not have any choice but to pay their unreasonable debts. The laws would also help in regulating online casinos from taking advantage of their clients.

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