Which are the most popular sports in Ireland that people bet on?

People from different parts of the world love to bet on sports, especially if they support a specific team or player. Needless to say, Ireland is one of the countries that love all kinds of sports, so many people who reside there also like betting on them.

That’s why some bookmakers have exclusive offers and other rewards, just for them. However, before you start betting, let’s look at some of the country’s most popular sports. 


The fact that football is the most loved sport in the country probably doesn’t come as a surprise because that applies to almost every other European country. Apart from the regional football competition, this country also has a pretty good national football team. Make sure you check the popular sportsbooks in Ireland, and you might find exclusive odds and markets that you won’t be able to try out anywhere else.

Gaelic Football

One of the most popular sports in the country is, without a doubt, Gaelic football. This is a classic Irish team sport, where two teams consisting of 15 players each go against each other. According to some sources, this sport was created back in the 19th century.

Even though most online bookies have Gaelic football as an option, some operators haven’t added it yet. So, be sure to check the sportsbook before you open an account.


Hurling is yet another classic sport that’s super trendy in Ireland. What’s interesting about it is that it’s often called “the fastest game on earth”, so if you are a fan of dynamic sports, you will definitely like this one.

Pretty much every bookmaker that’s available in Ireland will have this as an option. Some of them also have exclusive rewards and promos, so take a look at the bonus section to learn more.


This sport is not that popular in Europe compared to the US, but there are some countries that love it, such as Ireland. Perhaps the main reason behind people’s interest in it is Rory McIlroy, the most popular Irish golfer globally.

Every betting operator you will come across has golf as an option, so if this is something you’re interested in, you will have loads of fun. Unfortunately, this sport doesn’t usually have that many betting markets compared to other things, such as football.


Another famous sport that many people love to watch and play themselves is rugby. One of the reasons why it became such a hit is Ireland’s victory in the Grand Slam. Just like football, most schools and colleges have their rugby teams.


Last but not least, we have boxing. This is a sport that’s extremely popular in some parts of the world, and Ireland is no exception. The country has some pretty impressive boxers, such as Katie Tylor.

Every bookie tries to include as many boxing events as possible, so you will always find something fresh to bet on. Don’t forget to check for unique bonuses.

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