International Women’s Day March and Rally, Belfast

Belfast Lord Mayor supporting the International Women's Day marchers

The organisers of International Women’s Day in Northern Ireland assembles a women’s march and rally themed ‘No Woman Left Behind’.

An annual International Women’s Day event took place on 10 March 2018 run from Writer’s Square to Belfast City Hall.

This years chosen theme ‘No Woman Left Behind’ has been selected to mark the achievements of women, whilst addressing the issues that still lies ahead for many women living in Northern Ireland.

The event attended by hundreds of supporters proved to be very successful. Joined by members of women’s organisations, women’s rights activists, Belfast Lord Mayor, trade unions and pressure groups the women’s rights supporters have called the attention against gender inequality, sexual discrimination and gender pay gap in Northern Ireland.

 International Women's Day
Belfast Lord Mayor supporting the International Women’s Day marchers

By celebrating the centenary of women first getting the vote in Northern Ireland, the organisers and supporters of International Women’s Day have also put to the spotlight the issues of women’s rights still not being fully achieved here.

The event presented by the Belfast Ukulele Orchestra, three female Roller Derby teams and representatives of Women and State Pension Inequality (WASPI) with a range of speakers addressing the crowd, proved to be the biggest in Northern Ireland so far.

 International Women's Day

With the audience being of different genders and ages, who have come together to support each other; the organisers of the event hope that people will take time to reflect on the issues and struggles that women have to face in hope for a future where all women are treated with equality and respect.

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Author: Viktorija Kubiliute

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