Review: I Shall Wear Purple Play Premiere at The Baby Grand

I shall wear purple

I Shall Wear Purple is the latest play from Belfast born writer Rosemary Jenkinson in her fifth collaboration with c21 Theatre Company.

Premiering on Tuesday the 26th February in The Grand Opera House and on show until the 2nd of March with a province wide six date tour to follow, this hour long insight into the unlikely friendship between an OAP and her art teacher packs a punch that’s more than just purple.

I shall wear purple

Olivia (Stella McCusker) is a feisty former English teacher who is enraged at her living situation in a care home. Day trips out, 70s song night and getting her toenails clipped doesn’t do it for Olivia like it does for all her other rheumatoid roomies. But when Olivia is referred to Thomas (Patrick McBrearty) the resident art teacher for one on one classes, she finally finds someone who is on the same page – or at least the same canvas.

The two soon find they have more in common than they thought, and just when Thomas was having an artistic breakthrough with Olivia, his budget is cut. With only two classes left before he has to leave, Olivia decides to take matters into her own hands and creates a spray paint Malinderry mural of ‘No arts cuts’. A protest and arrest later, Olivia is allowed back in the carehome.

With witty quips and local humour throughout, I Shall Wear Purple is an endearing performance with lots of laughs. Supported by The Arts Council, I Shall Wear Purple will continue to show in six venues across Northern Ireland.

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Author: Anna Louise Crockard

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