How You Can Help Your Kids Start To Write Calligraphically


Children love to engage in activities that captivate their interest. They do not like to do things that are boring. Kids love to create and you will find them engaging in activities which involve the use of their hands.

They love painting, drawing, writing, and sculpturing among many others. Calligraphy is a good activity that you can use to improve the handwriting of your kids. It is a good tool to use to help children transform their handwriting by the age of 6. And, below are some of the ways through which you can teach your kids to start writing in a calligraphic manner.

Start to teach your kid with simple things

Kids have a lot of things to learn. Their minds and motor skills are still developing. Hence, as a parent, you should be careful about how you train them. It is wise to start teaching them simple things. Start by showing them how to hold a pencil the right way. As you know, kids love crayons and drawing pens. Having this in mind, ensure that they use good quality pencils and crayons in order to improve the child’s writing. The pencils should be about 6cm in length and have the right thickness. The child should hold the pencil with the thumb, index and middle fingers. By the time they are joining pre-school, they should be holding a pencil or pen the right way.

It is also important to ensure that your kid does not apply the wrong pencil pressure when they are writing. Observe your kid’s writing and if you notice there is a strong imprint on the next page, that means there is under pressure. This is not healthy and it may be due to stress. The handwriting may be good and neat but stress is not good for a child. Help your child overcome the stress and let them try to hold the pen and write again. Applying too much pressure may lead to finger cramping in the long run.

Help Your Kids Start To Write Calligraphically

Time to write

Once the child can hold a pen well and is applying the right pressure when writing, the next step is to write. It is important that you improve their motor skills. You should encourage a child to play games and solve puzzles because these activities help to develop their motor skills. Improving the motor skills will, in turn, help the child balance a book well, hold a pen well, maintain posture and have good coordination.

Do not overlook simple things like arranging their toys, folding laundry, or setting the table for a meal. These activities could help develop motor skills. For one to have good handwriting, coordination and dexterity need to be perfect. If you need help with writing skills, just do an essay order for your kids. You can reach out to professionals from resume writing service and they will help you.


As the child is developing and learning how to write and improve their handwriting, you need to be patient with them. One thing that is certain is that every kid learns. All children have potential but some will take longer to learn than others. Patience will play an important role as you are training your child using calligraphy for kids. The attention span of children is low. It is easy for them to lose focus when you are training them. Do not let this irritate you or make you give up. Try to come up with ways to capture and keep their interest in what they are doing. Try using different methods like games, challenges or any activity that is interesting. It is wise to provide a child with something new each time to encourage them not to give up. The new stimulus should encourage them to keep on trying to improve their handwriting. Do not forget that kids like to mimic what adults do. So it is important to write well and slow when we are in their presence.

Practice is the most important thing

We all know that practice makes perfect, the more you do something, the better you become at it over time. Professional sportsmen practice for hours in order to get to the level they want. You should use the same principle on your child. Let them practice as much as possible because handwriting is an art. With a lot of practice, your child will develop good handwriting. Try to make your writing practice sessions as interesting as possible. It is not difficult to make them interesting because there are many educational tools you can use. There are many games on handwriting that you can use to encourage your kid to continue practicing. Fun handwriting practice worksheets are also available online and you can download them without much trouble. Quality specialists from Essay Kitchen say that your kid needs to practice for at least 3 hours a day to get pretty good writing skills. So, try to pull all the stops in getting your kid to practice in order to get better.

Help Your Kids Start To Write Calligraphically

Create several calligraphy cases for your kid

Creating different calligraphy cases for your child is beneficial. These cases will help your kid and yourself to know the progress of the child. You can create cases according to age, month or in any criteria that you want. Then from there as the child is growing, you can build up the cases with each work that he or she completes. The best method to create cases is by using age. From when they are young, you will be able to track every development that they make. From the first scribbles they make when they first start out on this journey to when they start writing their own names. These cases will also help to motivate the child to keep trying. If you do not have ideas on how you can create cases for your kid, do not hesitate to ask for help. You can visit write my essay for me uk and they will attend to your problem in a professional manner.

Utilize every moment you get to help your child get better through writing practice for kids. Calligraphy is one of the best tools you can use to improve the handwriting of your child. Ensure that from the start that every stationery that you use is of top quality. Check and see that they do not use a lot of pressure when writing, it may end up affecting them health-wise. Let them practice as much as possible so that they improve. After doing all these, do not forget to encourage your child. You are the best support that they have. Encourage them and make the sessions as interesting as you can. Over time you will see them get better in their writing.

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