How To Select The Most Forgiving Drivers For Beginner’s Level? 

In the modern game of golf, the driver is the most important club in the bag. OEMs are taking the previous generation’s winning recipes now and pushing the science of structure, materials, and processing to move minute grams to optimize the MOI and CG to provide the slightest improvements.  Lowering spin, generating maximum speed over large areas of the face while maximizing using MOI is the trick. 

With so many great models of most forgiving drivers to choose from, selecting the best drive can be quite tricky, complementing drivers can help elevate their driving prowess on the range. It is often argued that fairway Woods are better suited for beginners due to their smaller shafts. Yet when it comes to hitting off a long shot, there is no better option than a decent driver. 

With the advancement in technology, modern drivers are beneficial to start improving one’s driving ability and if you are ready to spend a bit of money, there is no reason for not buying a golf driver.

Top Pick The Best Drivers For Beginners Level

The Clubhead Should Be 460 Cc

The club head of a driver used by a high handicapper should be marked at 460 cc. This shape of clubhead plays a vital role in determining the level of forgiveness that is on offer. Perimeter and weighting designs create wide and shallow club heads, with the weight being dispersed to either side of the clubhead.

The Shaft Must Be Made Of Graphite

The shaft of the driver that is being bought by a beginner should be one that is made of graphite. Graphite shafts are usually flexible and when you end up swinging the shaft it bends slightly and creates what is termed as a whiplash effect, thus increasing the swing speed upon impact.

Adjustable Lofts Are Not Necessary

An ideal Golf driver for high handicappers is characterized by features like adjustable lofts and moving weights which allows one to tweak the dynamics of the club in order to suit the individual golfing requirements. You need to remember, as a beginner in the game you don’t get to benefit from such advanced features and if you fool around with them too much, you may find the club a lot harder to hit with than usual.

Loft Angle Should Be 9 To 11 Degrees

The loft angle of a high handicapper should be one that is over 11° if your swing speed is one that is really low. A loft angle which is less than 9 degrees can be maneuvered well enough only by the better players and is not well suited for a high handicapper.

Shaft Flex Should Be A Regular One

When it comes to the perfect shaft flex for a golf driver coma keep in mind that performing well with the regular or senior chef can be done easily even if you are a high handicapper. Such chefs are well suited for women golfers, senior golfers and for those who have a handicap. Senior Golf driver requires senior grade Chef former do too much slower Sewing speed. If your own speed is between 85 to 95 mph then a regular shape is just fine for you.

Most Forgiving Driver/ straightest driver

This has some interesting results based on the way fitters interpret the question – some look at the curvature reduction for players that slice the ball, while others look at overall dispersion and total MOI (moment of inertia ), which leads to shots hit around the face to fly straighter. Regardless of the miss, these drivers will help you hit more fairways. Details to this information can be sought on visiting  

Ping G410 Plus: The Ping G410 plus is a forgiveness monster. Extremely high MOI produces consistent results all over the face. Adding the adjustability to help with player misses and you have a fairway finder.

Titleist TS2: The speed project is delivering more than just speed. The classic shape appeals to a lot of players and the lower CG appeals to those looking to find short grass more often.

PXG 0811XF Gen 2: The Gen 2 woods from PXG are true performers across all categories. With high MOI, the XF has proven itself to be one of the straightest on the market.

Taylor Made M6 D- Type: the D-type is back. And anytime a driver can use a lot of discretionary mass to move CG closer to the heel and produce a draw bias, it makes its way into a lot of bags.

Callaway Epic Flash: It does not have the highest MOI in the category, but ton-of adjustability, fitters can dial this club for almost any player – this leads to tighter shot patterns.


The fitters consulted for the piece have accumulated data from thousands of fitting golfers like you.  From beginners to tour players, their information and feedback cannot be undervalued.  

Now it’s your turn – everybody swings the club differently and has their own experience.



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