How to Provide High-Quality Customer Service in 2021

Customer service is a constantly evolving field. As the needs of end-users across various markets and industries change, so does the job of customer support. That being said, modern customer service managers have a variety of tools at their disposal. 

These tools allow them to completely streamline the support service every client receives. Join us as we discuss some of these technologies and other means necessary to run high-quality customer service in 2021! 

Empowering Customer Service Agents 

Before we get to tech-related solutions that are a must in 2021, we have to touch upon a much more important aspect of CS that is often ignored — the CS agent. No matter how many automated technologies you put between the agent and customer, CS will always be about that friendly voice answering the phone and helping you with your problem. 

One of the absolute best ways to increase the quality of your customer service is to make sure that your agents are content with their place of work, their duties, and responsibilities. You can accomplish this by introducing various incentives and bonuses for meeting realistic quotas. 

However, offering various incentives can’t help your agents do their job more efficiently. For that, they’ll need training. By devising an elaborate but streamlined training process, you can improve your agents’ efficiency by teaching them new skills. Additional training will help your CS team learn how to handle different types of calls when to escalate and how to handle clients in a way that benefits your bottom line. 

Implement Advanced Technologies 

Customer service agents are an essential part of any customer service. However, having a team of highly qualified people isn’t enough to run a CS center — you also need adequate technologies and equipment. 

Investing in advanced customer service technologies is a surefire way of reaching peak efficiency. Comms specialists from note that modern call handling tech has reached a point where you can filter out a large number of calls using automation. That way the calls that reach actual CS agents are the calls that require actual troubleshooting. 

As it turns out, most calls can be solved by processing a client through a simple troubleshooting funnel. Even though having a live agent answer every single call looks good from a customer relation standpoint, it is rarely ever practical. Even the largest retail companies can’t afford to have their agents answer every single call, no matter how serious the problem is. 

Social Media 

Customer Service

Social media has turned from a convenient way of connecting with your friends and loved ones, to another channel of communication between businesses and their customers. Every company needs to have an active presence on all relevant social media. That being said, adding a customer service component to this formula is one of the latest trends that is gaining traction. 

The idea is to give your customers another means of reaching you aside from calling or emailing your customer service center. Most of the communication is being done through chat features implemented by different social media. Although often a bottleneck in larger systems, using third-party comm channels, especially ones that most people are familiar with, does cut down on customer service agent training costs

Chatbots Work! 

Speaking of chatting with your customers, chatbots are proving to be a real-time saver for many online customer support services. Chatting reduces the whole interaction to exchanging text messages in real-time. Modern chatbots are very good at mimicking humans to a point where many customers aren’t even aware that they are communicating with a bot and not a human. 

Those who can tell the difference tend not to mind as long as their needs are met. Just like automated call centers, chatbots allow customer service centers to filter out a massive amount of calls that don’t require interaction with an actual human agent. That way your CS team can focus on difficult calls and maintain a level of success that is expected in modern, highly competitive markets. 

Good Customer Service is Everything 

Even though the world of business is actively changing, customer services are still one of the most important precursors for growth and success in many industries. Well-optimized customer service can be a game-changer for your company’s reputation. 

Not to mention that good customer service is sometimes all it takes to gain an advantage over your top competitors. Implementing new technologies, focusing on agent experience, and generally streamlining the entire process are some of the ways you can improve your CS center in 2021! 


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