How to Properly Use Snus

There are different ways to consume tobacco; you can smoke cigarettes, cigars, or even chew tobacco. One of the lesser-known forms of getting tobacco in your system is through using Snus. Although Snus does not look like regular tobacco, it does a pretty good job of giving those who use it a lasting feel and taste. 

Snus is a tobacco product that comes in the form of a powder that people can consume to get a robust and unmatchable kick of nicotine. However, if you have not used Snus before, it might be challenging at first to figure out how it can be properly used. Here is a guide to help you consume Snus the right way and maximize the effect of tobacco. 

Picking the Right Product

The first step in learning how to use Snus properly is knowing how to pick the right product first. Snus comes in different types and you can choose the one you prefer according to how concentrated you would like the taste of tobacco to be and how you prefer to use the product. Smokeless Snus comes in various forms, such as dissolvable powder or pouches. When it comes to choosing the right type of Snus, you should make sure you read the labels and compare different reviews to make sure the brand is trusted and that you are not left with some useless powder product that tastes nothing like tobacco. 

Placing the Pouch Correctly

Pouch Snus is considered the most popular type of smokeless tobacco. It is fairly easy to use, and for those who are looking to make a switch from cigarettes, it can help them quit smoking and save them money in the process. The trick to making the most out of pouches in snus cans is placing them correctly in your mouth to get a long-lasting taste. You should start by raising your upper lip with your fingers, placing the pouch slightly to the left side of your gum, and swiftly sliding the product with your finger. After that, you can simply sit back and enjoy the taste as it lingers in your mouth for a few hours at a time. 

Rationing Portions

If you are making a switch from smoking cigarettes to using Snus, then you may be tempted to overuse the powder, especially if you were a heavy smoker. However, it is important when consuming Snus that you ration your portions, especially at first, so that you can get the taste and effect of tobacco without overdoing it and risking your health even further. So if you used to smoke a couple of packs or more a day, then applying the Snus powder about three to four times should be just about perfect. You would get a relatively equal amount of nicotine in your system, and as a perk, save yourself some cash as smoking can be much more expensive for the same amount of smoking tobacco. 

Managing Initial Symptoms

When you first start using Snus, it is perfectly normal to find yourself suffering from a few irritating symptoms, even if you have previously consumed tobacco through smoking. Snus is a bit more concentrated and could have more visible effects on people. However, if you use the product carefully and ration your intake, all the irritating symptoms, including a burning feeling in your mouth and hiccups, you would soon get rid of all the irritation. You can easily manage such symptoms by staying hydrated and keeping a water bottle at arm’s length when you are just beginning to use Snus. This would help you get rid of most of the annoying beginner symptoms. 

Disposing of Snus

Part of learning how to use a Snus pouch properly is learning how to dispose of it correctly after usage as well. Usually, to dispose of the leftover pouch of Snus, you would need to use your tongue to slide it forward, then with your hand, remove the pouch out of your mouth, preferably in a napkin, then throw it away in a trash can. If you are in a public place, then this procedure might not look appropriate to do around people. In which case, you could excuse yourself to a restroom, make sure you follow these steps and get rid of the pouch in a trash can. Do not under any circumstance flush the pouch, as that would not be good for the plumping in any way. 

How to Store Snus

In order to have your non-smoke Snus Powder ready to use whenever you need to, you should familiarize yourself with the right ways to store it. Make sure you keep your Snus cans in the fridge, especially during the warmer months, to keep them fresh and ready to use whenever you please. If the weather is already cold, then you can keep them out in a cold and dry spot where the powder would not form any mold. 

Where to Use Snus

Unlike many of the common ways of consuming tobacco, you cannot just whip out your Snus pouch anywhere and use it. Some places restrict the use of Snus, and it can even be illegal in certain locations. Before you take any steps to use your Snus powder, make sure you are familiar with the rules of the place you are in so that you do not get into any trouble. If you are traveling, then you can probably use the Snus powder onboard an airplane, but it would be worth checking with the airline beforehand just to be safe. 

Nowadays, Snus has been growing in popularity among tobacco consumers. Many of those who are looking to save some cash on smoking or even those trying to quit smoking altogether make the switch to the smokeless powder. Before using Snus, make sure you familiarize yourself with all the pros and cons and do some research in order to learn how to use the powder properly and make the most out of your Snus pouch cans. Don’t forget to check customer reviews online and carefully read the label to make sure you choose a quality product.

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