How to Prepare Your Child for Their First Game of Golf

Golf is a great game for people of all ages. It is accessible in many ways and can be enjoyed at any level of competition. It is fun and relaxing and a great way to get your children active. There are means to enjoy the game regardless of skill level and simply have some fun, with plenty of room to grow if children take a particular liking to it. If your kids do show an interest in golf, there are a few things that you should keep in mind to best prepare them for their first golf game and keep that interest high. 

Take Them Mini-Putting

Mini-Putt is a great way to introduce the basics and the fundamentals to your child in a fun and social environment. This helps get them familiar with the basic mechanics of the game, but without the pressure of playing too seriously. There is light competition involved, but the basic purpose of this scenario is to keep things fun, eventually building up someone’s interest in golf.


Driving Range

The driving range allows for a similar introduction to be provided to the game of golf to mini-putt. Although they focus on different mechanics, they help provide a setting for a lighter activity in terms of seriousness. The driving range is a perfect place for beginners and children, of course, those able to handle a driver, to test their driving skills. This allows people to simply enjoy this certain mechanic of the game, aiming to improve their accuracy and distance. It is a great way to focus on your own game and seek to improve your abilities, which is a good way to build further interest as seeing progress is encouraging. Again, there is no competitive feel here, it is all about growth, development, and fun. 

Understanding the Game

Once you have given your child a taste of what it is like to play golf, you want to provide them a deeper understanding and knowledge of the basics and the fundamentals of not just playing the game, but the sport itself. If your child has learned the mechanics of swinging the club, having them sit down and study the game by watching it on television can act as a great tool as opposed to simply being something for entertainment. 

Their Own Set of Clubs

When you are preparing your child for their first game of golf, one way to encourage their love of the sport is to get them their own set of golf clubs. Like with any sport, providing children their own gear to use as opposed to having to use generic equipment will give them a special attachment and a deeper commitment to the sport or activity. The best golf clubs for juniors are going to vary from individual to individual. You want to ensure that you take into consideration several variables ranging from age, strength, height, and grip size to consider what qualities you need in a set of clubs. As children age, they will grow and become stronger. You might want to factor that in when deciding on your purchase, otherwise, prepare to have to make another one soon. Having your own set of clubs will allow you to feel more comfortable, building consistency with your swing, and make you want to play more often.

Emphasize Patience and Fun

At the end of the day, when you are considering sports, hobbies, or activities to introduce to your children, you want to focus on having fun and being patient. As much as you want to push your children towards success and improvement, you need to understand that no matter their age, you want to first build the passion and love for the sport. If they are simply playing golf to appease your validations, they will be less likely to stick with it in the long run. Developing that early passion will eventually lead to their own desires to improve and succeed. If they just simply want to enjoy the game, they should be allowed to do so. Always be patient as learning, understanding, and improving in any sport or skill takes time.

Golf will be a game that kids can enjoy and come to appreciate as they get older. The pace of the sport is perfect to be enjoyed on a variety of competitive or non-competitive levels and encourages players of all skill levels to join. Children playing early on should focus on having fun, but building their fundamentals is also just as important for growth and enjoyment.

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