How to Help Employees Deal with Change

Change management is something that needs to be dealt with delicately, and not something to be swept under the carpet.  Don’t just hope that your team handle things smoothly, understand that there can be stresses and strains associated with change and what that could mean for them.  It could be that there are hierarchical structure changes coming into play, or that there will be new processes put in place – all of which you need to plan for.  Here we give you some tips as to how you can help your employees deal with change.

Communicate the Change Effectively

The first thing you need to do once you have your plans for change complete is ensure that you communicate this to your team effectively.  Make sure you also choose who delivers the news with care.  For example if there are some operational changes – it could be that a line manager speaks to employees as they may have a closer relationship – however, if you are making some larger scale changes such as merging with another company, introducing new senior management etc – it may be worth coming from the top to display leadership.

Allow for Open Conversation

It’s incredibly important you give your employees the chance to ask any questions that they may have.  Everyone reacts to change differently, and some people want to have all the information they possibly can.  Information can leave people thinking that they have some element of control of the situation, which as a result can make them more content.  It also may be something that they need simply for reassurance.  If you allow for open conversation – you are giving your team the chance to express their thoughts and opinions, and they may uncover some things that you hadn’t yet thought of.

Make Sure your Employees Feel Valued

You may find that some members of your team may feel a little insecure when there are times of big change, so making them feel valued and respected is critical.  It could be that they receive recognition for work they have done well – or else, you could implement an employee benefits scheme that is tailored to the needs of your company.  The employee benefits platform by Zest allows you to do just that.  It’s extras like this that will make your team want to help you implement change effectively and make any new processes or procedures a success.  When employees feel valued, they are far more receptive.

Give them Some Extra Support

Some additional support for your employees during periods of change is critical to take care of their mental wellbeing – and for you as the employer to have them on side.  Some companies implement life coaching as an added extra that is available to their employees.  This may give your team a little bit of a boost that they may need to process change and feel more comfortable with it.   It could also be that you implement other forms of exercise that are designed to relieve stress and create calm such as yoga.  This will have both mental and physical benefits – and possibly something that you’d like to keep even when there is no longer change on the horizon.  Showing care and consideration can go a long way.

If you are in the midst of going through a big change in your business, make sure that you don’t leave your employees behind.  Take them with you along the journey to minimise any problems that may come along with your new strategy.

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